DataCore Adds Storage Pooling for IP Clients to Product Portfolio


DataCore(TM) Software, a provider of storage networking and virtualization software, this week introduced the most recent of its IP Storage capabilities; the addition of IP to its range of Fibre Channel connectivity options.Today's announcement focuses on two things:

--SCSI over IP protocol (iSCSI) as a means to connect clients to centrally-managed storage pools

--High-performance and massively scalable hybrid IP storage area networks (SANs)

DataCore said the latest feature rollout ensures that `Powered by DataCore' storage pools can serve capacity on-demand to iSCSI-equipped clients, as well as Fibre Channel-attached hosts. The choice is driven by customers' network preferences, performance objectives and cost tradeoffs.

In addition to pure iSCSI networks, DataCore said it solutions enable a hybrid approach that addresses the current performance deficiencies of accelerated iSCSI hardware. A hybrid network combines IP client-connectivity with Fibre Channel (FC) networked storage services to ensure scalable throughput and response characteristics.


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