Fujitsu Softek Announces Availability of Storage Virtualization & SAN Management Software


Fujitsu Softek today announces general availability of its new storage virtualization and storage area network (SAN) management software, Softek Virtualization(TM), 'powered by DataCore' and Softek SANView(TM) respectively. The company also announced special bundled pricing for the two products.

For a limited time, Softek SANView will be included with Softek Virtualization at a special bundled price. This offer will allow global corporations to achieve industry-leading ROI using Softek SANView and Softek Virtualization to install new SANs or optimize existing ones.

The company said Softek SANView software enables the network storage manager to see all the components of the complex global storage network at one time and take a proactive approach to SAN management. Softek SANView software will automatically discover the devices and draw the topology of a customer's SAN. It provides the best topology view and greatest level of device detail of products in its class.

According to the company, Softek Virtualization dramatically improves ROI and lowers TCO by converting 'islands' of disparate storage into networked storage pools, reducing operational costs, significantly increasing disk utilization, and simplifying the process of provisioning heterogeneous storage within a SAN to a 'drag and drop'.

"The new bundle of Softek Virtualization and Softek SANView provides customers with the most comprehensive, high performance solution available today for implementing, managing and monitoring a SAN environment," said Erich Flynn, vice president of worldwide marketing for Fujitsu Softek. "SAN adoption has been hampered by being too costly and too complex. This bundle of Softek SANView and Softek Virtualization products addresses both of these issues, continues Flynn. "Including implementation and hardware, a Terabyte SAN implemented with SANView and Softek Virtualization will offer similar or better performance, and cost as little as a tenth of the price of a proprietary system offered by companies like EMC."


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