ManagedStorage International Launches GridWorks


ManagedStorage International, Inc. today introduced GridWorks, an interactive and automated service for managing complex, multi-vendor storage environments.

The company said GridWorks helps both corporate data centers and service providers to manage disparate storage resources, with a single, common interface. Customers can access GridWorks' real-time reports on a secure site, for instant updates on current usage and performance trends. Authorized administrators can go online to request new or unscheduled services, and escalate or expedite any problems for resolution. ManagedStorage continually monitors the data from its 24X7 Remote Operations Center.

"With GridWorks, we're giving customers the four things they crave most: reduced operating expenses, data protection assurance, multi-vendor interoperability and unlimited scalability," said Thomas P. Sweeney III, president and CEO of ManagedStorage. "Customers are realizing that outsourcing storage operations is becoming essential, as the growth of data outpaces the number of skilled storage professionals in the marketplace."


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