BigStorage Annoucnes Remote Data Mirroring Solution


BigStorage Inc. today announced its DataEcho system, which it says enables corporations to store and update their data in two locations simultaneously.

Accordig to the company, the system uses new technology, called K2-Echo, that lets a system at the primary site continuously update another system, at a secondary site.

Michael Maxey, President of BigStorage, said, "This technology represents an important breakthrough in addressing the needs of mainstream IT departments, especially with the heightened awareness of potential disasters since last week's tragic events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. While we have been developing this system for over two years, we thought this would be an important time to announce the product's availability."

BigStorage said the K2-Echo technology uses two separate storage modules, called K2-NAS units. K2-NAS employs Linux technology, which it claims ensures maximum performance and uptime and is completely compatible with networked systems running Microsoft, Macintosh and Unix operating systems. In addition, its use of Linux internally allows new features, such as K2-Echo, to be added more cost-effectively than on traditional NAS systems.


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