Sanrise Updates Management Software, Creates Twins


Storage management software vendor Sanrise Group, Inc. released Storagetone Data Management Software (DMS) Version 4.1 today. In addition, Sanrise has delivered Storagetone DMS in two solutions: storagetone DMS Backup (BU) Edition, specific to enterprise backup and recovery environments, and storagetone DMS Storage Resource Management (SRM) Edition, for both secondary and primary enterprise storage platforms.

"Storage managers today are under pressure to obtain the greatest possible utilization from their installed assets," said Doug Chandler, Director, IDC Storage Services research. "sanrise's Data Management Software helps administrators gain greater efficiencies in heterogeneous storage environments and gain maximum return from their SAN investments."

According to Sanrise, new features for storagetone DMS-Backup Edition include management and statistical reporting, a web-based backup command and control portal, backup automation, proactive fault management, logical grouping of server and storage resources, user and storage resource authorization, and tape library capacity and utilization tools.

New features for storagetone DMS-SRM Edition include SAN service and configuration management, policy-based storage management automation, and real-time, historical, and predictive trending for storage capacity and performance reporting.


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