CA to Protect Korean Governmet Bidding System


Computer Associates International(CA) announced today that the Korean government's national Public Procurement Service (PPS) has selected CA's BrightStor Enterprise Backup to provide storage management and data backup for its eBidding System.

PPS's said the implementation of BrightStor Enterprise Backup is a key element of its initiative to expand its eBidding system. PPS is a public agency that procures a variety of materials needed by government organizations, making the impartial and transparent selection of a bidder one of its most critical issues. Total backup processing capacity for the expanded system has now reached 2.3 Terabytes.

"Due to the increased use of the eBidding system, we had to rebuild our infrastructure within a year of being operational," said PPS project manager Hyung-pyo Lee. "With our new BrightStor backup system in place, we are now able to reliably store and backup all eBidding system data, despite the significant increase in our processing volume."

PPS originally used Legato Reel products, but had to search for alternative solutions when they were discontinued. BrightStor emerged as the winner. "BrightStor demonstrated excellent performance and allows administrators to work from a very intuitive, graphical browser interface," said Lee. "The fast backup speed, which earned high evaluation points, was especially appealing."


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