NovaStor Releases Backup Disk Configuration Wizard


NovaStor Corporation this week announced a Disk Configuration Wizard for its NovaNET 8.5 backup software. The company said the new wizard is designed to help customers backup data to high-speed hard disk-based storage devices.

NovaStor said the Disk Configuration Wizard is a simple program that runs with the company's NovaNET 8.5 backup software to designate certain local or network hard disks as backup devices. Once the hard disk is identified as a backup device, data from end user PCs and network servers can be backed up to that device.

While many company's are skeptical of hard disk backup, NovaStor views the sharp drop in hard disk prices over the past few years as having made several new disk-based backup devices a viable alternative to some tape backup solutions. According to the company, the Disk Configuration Wizard works with the Windows and NetWare supported products in the NovaNET 8.5 product line.


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