XIOtech Unveils Application Specific Storage Strategy


XIOtech Corporation, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology and a storage area network (SAN) vendor, today unveiled its new SANbuilder product strategy: application-driven SAN solutions for Oracle, Exchange, and healthcare. Over the next two months, XIOtech said it plans to release three new product families comprised of hardware, software, and services.

According to XIOtech, SANbuilder is a virtualized storage architecture optimized for out-of-the-box use with specific enterprise applications and XIOtech's MAGNITUDE hardware platform. XIOtech said it would tightly couple the SAN architecture and applications.

"The single most important driver of storage requirements is the application. Applications drive requirements and need to have connections with back-end storage. At the same time, application use cuts across industries," said Dan McCormick, director of marketing and strategy for XIOtech. "XIOtech has aligned with application providers and resellers to understand the requirements and deliver the value of those applications on a storage platform that can grow and expand to meet future business needs."

The company also said the three SANbuilder packages are starting points, providing the fundamental building blocks for a SAN with application-oriented products, services, and optimization. The foundation expands as more applications are brought in. For example, with the Exchange SANbuilder package, XIOTech claims to bundle all the components necessary to facilitate SAN deployment in an Exchange environment.


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