Conxion Launches Datacenter Digital Delivery Service


Conxion Corp. this week announced the general availability of EnterpriseXi, a digital delivery service linking corporate datacenters to Conxion's high-speed network.

According to Conxion, EnterpriseXi gives in-house hosting operations the same power and reach as the leading content delivery services and most extensive networks, while preserving customers' existing investments in datacenters and personnel. Oracle and Microsoft are already using the service. It takes a network-centric approach that allows IT managers to outsource their content delivery and management of replication servers while retaining control of origin servers and content within their own datacenters. The service can be the beginning of a migration to managed hosting for companies who want to test Conxion's expertise and customer service.

"With EnterpriseXi, CIOs no longer have to choose between modernizing their datacenters or outsourcing to accelerate their reach; they can have the best of both worlds," said Antonio Salerno, CEO of Conxion. "The servers can be anywhere the CIO wants them to be, and we'll bring our network computing infrastructure to them. This is like bolting a high-performance rocket booster to your datacenter to optimize digital delivery."

The EnterpriseXi service is hardware-agnostic. Companies can use any server and database platform for their corporate datacenter -- be it Sun, Microsoft, IBM, Linux, BEA or Oracle -- and plug into Conxion's network


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