Texas Storage Consultant to Offer FalconStor SAN Solutions


FalconStor Software, Inc. , a storage networking software infrastructure company, announced a strategic partnership with Conservor, a Texas-based solution and managed storage services provider, to incorporate IPStor into Conservor's VIP brand family of complete IP SAN Solutions.

Conservor said it is embracing IPStor as a key part of its family of IP storage solutions. According to the company, the first of these solutions, Ripsnorter VIP, will use IPStor's high performance, virtualization, key-based security, and IP connectivity to enable Conservor to deliver mission-critical storage management services. Ripsnorter is Conservor's first complete IP "SAN-in-a-can" solution comprised of FalconStor software, a Conservor storage array, IBM servers, Extreme Networks Gigabit Ethernet switches and backup and tape management software from BakBone.

This partnership also gave FalconStor access to the IBM mainframes in Conservor's solutions portfolio. The companies said engineers collaborated to bring centralized storage, virtualization and IP storage to Linux servers running on IBM mainframes.

"Our expertise and partnership with FalconStor has allowed us to develop a new business model to host storage at the customer site as a service, and to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and value for our customers," said Conservor President Pat Kelly. "The partnership also allows the combining of IP storage with Linux on the mainframe to produce unheard-of price-performance with all the serious industrial strength, reliability, availability, and serviceability features that mainframes are famous for."


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