Diamelle Inc. Offers Free E-Commerce Marketplace

Technology consulting firm Diamelle Inc. unveiled its new Electronic Marketplace, calling it "a full- featured commission-based, e-commerce solution where businesses of all sizes can be up and running on the Internet for free."

There are no startup fees and no fixed monthly costs, the company said. Included as core services will be product catalog management, shopping cart, secure order processing, order management, customer profiling and a virtual community.

"Success on the Web requires more than a catalog, shopping basket and secure purchasing," said Diamelle CEO Arun Shah. "It requires fostering an online community where people with similar interests can gather and exchange specialized information. The ability to categorize, review and recommend products are important ingredients of a value-added shopping experience. Our Electronic Marketplace is geared to provide an information rich content management."

Diamelle said it will build stores based on the vendor's corporate and product information, allowing the vendor to focus on core business and not worry about the intricacies of e-commerce technology. The marketplace is scheduled to open in January

Diamelle's Advanced Technology Group developed an e-commerce infrastructure using Multi-Tier and Java technology to create a secure, robust, and scalable system capable of supporting heavy use. This framework was used to build the Electronic Marketplace and can also be leveraged to build sites for larger businesses.


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