Auspex Systems Announces Modular Design for NAS Filer


Network Attahced Storage (NAS) vendorAuspex Systems today announced a new modular design that it says allows its recently released NS3000 series of enterprise data servers to fit in a standard rack and support dual AC power supplies while delivering single-node 19,755 IOPS file serving power and up to 68 terabytes (TB) of storage.The new configuration will replace the traditional Auspex chassis in August.

According to Auspex, the new modular design separates the Auspex system into components that can be rackmounted independently or installed in a rackmountable cabinet. This is achieved in part by upgrading the disk packaging to eliminate the need for a special case and also provide built-in dual redundant power. Customers can now purchase the Auspex I/O nodes, disk arrays, RAID cluster controllers and power distribution unit separately, with or without a cabinet, and deploy them in the manner that best suits their environment.

"Our new modular system will be a flexible enterprise data storage solution that delivers the fastest performance on the market, and it will also pave the way for future innovations that promise to play an important role in improving the way enterprises manage their data," said Jim Garvey, Vice President of Engineering for Auspex Systems.

The new system will be available in both SCSI and fibre-based versions.The fibre version is scheduled for September release and will include LAN-free tape backup capabilities.


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