Aprisma Selects Auspex File Server


Auspex Systems, Inc. , a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, this week announced that Aprisma Management Technologies has selected an Auspex NetServer enterprise file server to streamline cross-platform development of ongoing upgrades to its SPECTRUM(R) infrastructure management software.

According to the companies, the 1.2-terabyte Auspex system purchased by Aprisma will enable the software company to divide development labor between Windows and UNIX teams, store all source code on the storage appliance, and merge code from both platforms in each software build through Auspex's bilingual capabilities.

"Auspex offered important technical advantages over the other file servers we evaluated, particularly in its support for our mixed Windows and UNIX development environment," said Brenda Hanson, CIO of Aprisma Management Technologies. "We considered other systems that claimed to provide heterogeneous file sharing, but no other vendor had the architecture or the track record to seamlessly and securely pool code developed on both platforms each time we do a software build. That capability is crucial to our development process, so Auspex was the clear choice."

Aprisma said its SPECTRUM infrastructure management solutions provide out-of-the- box, root-cause analysis to intelligently manage an organization's entire network and systems infrastructure.


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