Prisa Networks Releases SAN Configuration Software


Prisa Networks, an OEM supplier of network management software for System and Storage Area Networks (SANs), today launched the third module in its VisualSAN Network Management Suite today -- VisualSAN Configuration Manager (CM).

The company said VisualSAN CM, created for system administrators and customer support organizations, captures an in-depth picture of a SAN at a user-defined point in time for comparison, reference and replication. It also provides administrators with the ability to import or export a specified SAN configuration and topology to other environments and locations for replication or comparison.

According to Prisa Networks, with VisualSAN CM, enterprises can capture the full state of a SAN from topology, zone configuration, or LUN information, down to fine details such as the firmware level on various SAN elements. This allows IT administrators and customer service representatives to use an initial configuration capture as a reference point for future SAN problem diagnosis. By comparing the initial working configuration to a problematic configuration, administrators can roll-back the SAN to a previously known-working configuration.


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