Auspex's Newest File Server Validated By Oracle


Auspex Systems, Inc. , a provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, today announced that its new NS3010 enterprise file server has received validation for use in Oracle database environments under the Oracle Storage Compatibility Program.

"Organizations around the world rely on Oracle to provide database solutions for very large or highly distributed mission-critical operations, and they need to be equally discriminating when they select their storage technology in order to avoid data loss and corruption," said Jack Kedian, Manager of Strategic Alliances for Auspex Systems. "This validation demonstrates that Oracle customers who use our NS3010 in tandem with Oracle can expect data availability and integrity even when usage is exceptionally high or when systems fail."According to Auspex, the validation is based on rigorous testing utilizing Oracle's NAS test suite. The procedures included testing the ability of the Auspex system to recover from an extensive series of machine and software failure scenarios without adverse effects on Oracle files. Auspex said the NS3010 passed all tests, including failures of the file server, file server and Oracle server in combination, both hard- and soft-mounted filesystems, and the NVRAM used to store filesystem intent log information.

The Auspex NS3010 that earned the Oracle program validation is the first model in a new family of file servers that was introduced in May. The new NS3000 series scales up to 68 TB of storage on a single server.


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