XIOtech and Science Applications Roll Out SAN Design Service


XIOtech Corporation, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology and and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a research and engineering company, today announced their latest Professional Services offering: SAN Design.

According to the companies, SAN Design provides businesses with a blueprint to ensure their IT infrastructure will support their business requirements and storage needs. It is a detailed architectural configuration with an associated project plan showing how the SAN solution should be implemented in the organization. It follows XIOtech's and SAIC's first Professional Services offering, SAN Assessment, which the companies said helps customers establish a business rationale to meet their critical storage requirements.

"Businesses today face the need for improved storage management to keep their data available, but they don't know everything that's possible for them through the available technology," said Bill Gurley, SAIC senior vice president and group manager. "Our SAN Design will provide companies with a detailed architectural configuration and a project plan for implementing that solution. Coupled with the SAN Assessment, this service shows companies which configuration gives them the best return on investment and, piece by piece, how to put it together."

"We designed our MAGNITUDE SAN hardware platform to be easy to use, but the environment of enterprise storage remains complicated," said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech. "Companies are very concerned about disaster recovery, backup and restore, high availability, and other features that SANs offer. With the SAN Assessment and SAN Design, companies can ensure implementation of a system that meets their needs today and into the future."


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