XOsoft Proves Its Mettle in Blackout

During the massive Northeast and Canadian power outage earlier this month, Richard Fleischman and Associates, a network solutions firm for New York-area portfolio managers, reported "flawless" performance for its Business Continuity Center in Purchase, N.Y.

RFA's secret? An "advanced array of electrical and communications redundancies," including XOsoft's WANSync global business continuity platform.

Hedge fund clients using RFA's full disaster-recovery package, which includes seating with pre-configured workstations, were able to monitor and trade their portfolios on Friday, Aug. 15, while much of the Northeastern U.S. and Canada was still without power. NYSE and Nasdaq trading volume fell by 50 percent that day.

RFA's own systems running out of the Internet data center kept an eye on more than 200 managed client networks. Using automated, continuous monitoring systems, RFA powered up all client networks over the weekend as power was restored on a case-by-case basis. With the opening bell of trading on Monday, not a single RFA-managed network was down.

Michael Curry, RFA's CTO, says the company was so impressed by XOsoft's products that it plans to buy more.

RFA had been using Legato RepliStor, which, Curry says, worked well at data replication, but took longer to bring servers back up. XOsoft cut that time in half, a large advantage for RFA, accourding to Curry.

WANSync also provides support for Microsoft Exchange, another advantage over Legato, says Curry.

Simplicity was also a benefit of XOsoft, with just a single sheet of directions that could be turned over to a senior engineer. RFA plans to try WANSync SQL next, so the company will have a live SQL server "ready and waiting."

WANSync is designed to synchronize entire critical information servers to remote replicas, and keeps them fresh and available with continuous, real-time replication, according to XOsoft.

"WANSync products operate transparently and completely eliminate the need for shutting down or rebooting application or database servers during installation, maintenance, and daily operations," says Gil Rapaport, XOsoft's marketing vice president.

XOsoft claims its Rewind technology, embedded in all XOsoft products, "is the only business continuity software solution that allows enterprises to quickly and easily undo application and database corruptions by rewinding affected data resources to their latest consistent state before corruptions took place." The company also offers Data Rewinder, a server-based point solution for data corruptions.

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