IBM Opens Up to Linux


IBM recently announced plans to offer a portfolio of Linux-enabled storage products. According to IBM, customers running Linux applications will be able to store and integrate data in a variety of formats on any platform.

Linda Sanford, senior vice president of IBM's Storage Systems Group, said, "unlike our competitors, IBM has moved beyond a simple acknowledgement of the Linux movement by embracing the open source and open standards philosophy into our storage networking solutions."

The planned line of Linux-enabled products announced includes an enterprise storage server, Linux compatibility for IBM's Modular Storage Server , Linux support for the IBM FAStT200 and FAStT500 disk storage servers connected to Intel-based servers, Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium(tm) drives supporting Linux for tape back-up solutions, and the Linux-enabling of Tivoli storage management software.

Sample table
Scale-upScale-outRaw capacityFibre ChannelEthernet/iSCSI
Kaminario K2YesYes4 PB16 x 16 Gbps16 X 25GbE
Dell EMC PowerMaxYesYes4 PB17 x 16 Gbps17 X 25GbE
X-IO ISE 900YesYes4 PB18 x 16 Gbps18 X 25GbE
HPE StoreFabric M-SeriesYesYes4 PB19 x 16 Gbps19 X 25GbE
Netapp AFA A800YesYes4 PB20 x 16 Gbps20 X 25GbE


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