Eurologic AnnouncesNext Generation of SANbloc Storage System


Eurologic(TM) Systems announced the next generation of its award-winning SANbloc network storage system. According to Eurologic, the 2Gb Fibre Channel system network storage system now offers a Quad Loop feature that enables performance of up to 700 MB/s in a single system.

Eurologic's next-generation SANbloc also is designed to be downward-compatible with 1Gb Fibre Channel, which the company said makes it simple and cost-effective for current SANbloc users to upgrade to 2Gb Fibre Channel. Customers can upgrade to 2Gb Fibre Channel with the simple swap of two modules.

Mike McNamara, product marketing manager for Eurologic Systems, said, "Eurologic minimizes the risk of migrating to a 2Gb storage solution. The modular design of SANbloc enables customers to quickly and seamlessly upgrade to the benefits of 2Gb Fibre Channel without the costs and time required with a forklift upgrade."

Eurologic also said the Quad Loop feature enables connection with up to four hosts in a four-, or quad-, loop configuration, providing performance of up to 700 MB/s in a single system. A Eurologic SANbloc JBOD system can become a Quad Loop configuration with the simple swap of a jumper.


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