MTI Unveils New Infinity Tape Libraries


MTI Technology Corp. today unveiled the newest additions to its Infinity(TM) line of tape libraries, the Infinity 1685 and 1695.

According to MTI, the new libraries offer over 500 TB of total capacity and is a key component of MTI's Business Continuity solutions, which combine MTI Vivant(TM) storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) storage servers, MTI DataSentry(TM) data replication and MTI Infinity libraries.

Expanded capabilities provided by the new Infinity 1685 and 1695 include support for multiple Drive Technologies, accommodating Super DLTtape, DLT 8000 and LTO Ultrium tape drives.

The Infinity 1695 offers up to 16 tape drives and 679 cartridges, for up to 149 TB capacity and 1.7 TB/hour performance. The 1695 scales to 64 drives and 2,500 slots for more than 500 TB capacity (with Super DLTtape drives), and more than 7 TB/hour performance (with LTO Ultrium drives).

The Infinity 1685 includes many of the same options and features as the Infinity 1695 but at a more affordable entry point. The Infinity 1685 offers up to 10 tape drives and 322 cartridges, for up to 70 TB capacity and 1 TB/hour performance. An expansion options allows the 1685 to scale to the same configuration and capacity as the Infinity 1695.

The Infinity 1685 and Infinity 1695 are both available immediately. The Infinity 1685 has a manufacturer's suggested list price starting under $65,000 and the Infinity 1695 has a manufacturer's suggested list price starting under $90,000.


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