Over 50 Companies to Showcase Enterprise Storage Solutions at Storage Networking World


Over fifty storage networking vendors plan to showcase the largest demonstration of enterprise-wide storage networking solutions at the Fall 2001 Storage Networking World(R) (SNW) Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fl from October 22-24. The SNW Interoperability Lab and Demo will feature the operation of LotsaData Corporation, a simulated enterprise environment that will highlight multiple vendors' system and storage solutions working together.

The multi-vendor Interoperability Lab and Demo is a regularly featured event at the conference that is sponsored and organized by member companies of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Interoperability Committee.

The LotsaData Corporation simulation will feature the latest advancements in storage networking technologies including iSCSI, FCIP, iFCP, and DWDM, all interconnected through local-, metropolitan-, and wide-area network infrastructures. SNW attendees will be able to tour the corporation's departments and branch office, observe its real-time operations and discuss the working solutions with Spectra Logic and other participating storage networking vendors.

"The SNW Interoperability Lab and Demo enables customers to experience storage networking equipment and applications working together in a real-world storage enterprise environment," said Tom Clark, Director of Technical Marketing for Nishan Systems and co-chair of the SNIA Interoperability Committee. "This fall's demo will provide working examples how companies can use storage networking technologies to manage the expanding storage demands of any enterprise."


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