ADIC and Adaptec to Demo iSCSI File Sharing


Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) and Adaptec, Inc announced they will demonstrate what they claim is the industry's first working file system for iSCSI SANs at Storage Networking World in Orlando next week.

The demonstration combines Adaptec's iSCSI technology and ADIC's CentraVision(TM) File Sharing software to deliver true SAN file sharing over an IP network. The companies said the technology provides collaborative data sharing over low-cost Ethernet connections, allowing multiple hosts, even hosts with different operating systems, to access the same files at the same time over an iSCSI SAN. It promises to improve network performance and lower storage costs through block-level sharing of storage resources that can reduce the need to store, duplicate and move files.

"We have shown that the power of shared storage resources and true file sharing can be achieved today in IP storage networks," said Bill Britts, ADIC Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Together, we are bringing the benefits of SAN technology within reach of a much broader customer base, as we make it possible to bring block-level file sharing technology directly to the desktop. Ultimately, this technology has the potential to unify SAN and NAS in a serverless data delivery system that could revolutionize the way storage resources are deployed and managed."

"Advanced data availability is expanding into iSCSI SANs," said Ram Jayam, Vice President and General Manager of Adaptec's Storage Networking Group. "Storage resource and data sharing, benefits largely associated today with Fibre Channel SANs, are now available in cost-effective and highly manageable IP environments. Data sharing in an iSCSI storage network can boost productivity by enabling collaborative workflow, dramatically increase storage resource utilization, and offer a path by which SAN technology can ultimately reach desktop users."


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