LSI Logic Storage Systems Unveils Data Migration Services


LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of end-to-end, professional data migration services for enterprises with heterogeneous server and storage systems.

LSI Logic Storage Systems' data migration services, which will be provided by the company's Professional Services Group, feature the company's ContinuStor(TM) Director, an independent replication and virtualization device. According to the company, the ContinuStor Director works with most brands of servers and storage systems and can migrate data up to 10 times faster than existing software solutions.

"In order to reduce costs and improve back-up and recovery capabilities, many enterprises are now reducing server count and consolidating critical data on shared storage devices, many of which are or will be in remote locations," said Bill Garrity, director of Professional Services for LSI Logic Storage Systems. "Few IT organizations, however, have the technology, the trained staff, or the processes to migrate data across numerous computer systems at multiple sites safely and securely, with minimum disruption to continuing operations. We do."

As part of the new data migration services, LSI Logic Storage Systems said it will assist customers in moving data from multiple legacy systems, servers and desktops to one or more storage systems in local and/or remote environments. Storage systems can be configured for direct attach or storage area network (SAN) access. Customers are not limited in their choice of server or storage vendors and are not required to purchase host software.


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