Storage Association Launches Fibre-Channel SAN Certification Program


The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and training provider Infinity I/O this week launched what they said is the first vendor-independent storage networking professional certification program.

The launch of the Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (FC-SAN) Certification program coincided with the opening of Storage Networking World(R)in Orlando, FL.

"The market needs trained professionals. The FC-SAN Certification program will provide objective credentials that IT managers can use to evaluate potential hires," said Paul Massiglia, Chairman of the SNIA Education Committee, which oversees the SNIA's certification activities.

Two exams are being offered -- Level 1 -- Fibre Channel Storage Networking Professional which is primarily intended for "non-technical" employees such as marketing and sales professionals, and Level 2 -- Fibre Channel Storage Networking Practitioner, the first level of certification for technical employees. These exams consist of multiple-choice questions and are available at testing locations in major cities worldwide. A more advanced exam -- Level 3 of the FC-SAN Certification -- will be introduced next year and will include both written and real world simulation. Level 4 is currently being designed.

More information on the SNIA SNCP and the FC-SAN Certification Program can be found at or


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