Marvell and Fujitsu Team Up On Serial ATA Interface


Marvell and Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. today announced that the two companies have combined efforts to bring Serial ATA products to market, which is expected to be implemented across the full spectrum of storage applications.

Marvell and Fujitsu said they worked closely during the development of Marvell's previously announced 88i8030 Serial ATA bridge chip solution. Fujitsu offered feedback on the solution during the product definition, design and evaluation phases, and cooperation is planned to continue with the chip's incorporation into a final Fujitsu product.

"With the successful introduction of the 88i8030 bridge chip, the alignment of a leading semiconductor supplier such as Marvell, and a first-rate storage OEM such as Fujitsu has proven to be a formidable combination," stated Dr. Alan J. Armstrong, Marvell's vice president of Marketing for the Storage Business Group. "We look forward to continuing to push for widespread Serial ATA adoption."

"Both Marvell and Fujitsu expect Serial ATA to be a compelling interface solution for a variety of applications, and additionally believe that their respective broad-based market positions will enable each company to be put in the unique position to help proliferate this breakthrough storage interconnect," stated Chuck Nielsen, chief technologist for Fujitsu Computer Products of America. "This early collaboration has put both Marvell and Fujitsu at the forefront of this tremendously promising technology. Fujitsu sees the introduction of Marvell's bridge solution as key to the industry-wide adoption of Serial ATA, and is looking forward to leading the charge with Marvell and the Serial ATA Working Group toward the rapid adoption of the interface."

Marvell said its 88i8030 bridge chip solution is targeted at both sides of the interface, for host and device operation, and can be used in all segments of the storage market. The 88i8030 device is currently available in sample quantities. The first SOC products incorporating Marvell's Serial ATA technology are expected at the end of this year. Fujitsu's first products incorporating Serial ATA technology are currently in development.


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