Crescent Networks, LuxN and SAN Valley Demo Interoperability


Crescent Networks Inc., LuxN and SAN Valley Systems announced today the successful interoperability of Crescent Networks' Dense Virtual Routed Networking (DVRN), the LuxN WavSystem and SAN Valley's IP-SAN connectivity solutions.

According to the companies, the interoperability demonstrates a profitable routed network services solution for delivering high-speed storage services across multi-service metro networks (IP, Optical, ATM, and/or SONET) to large and medium sized enterprises. Additionally, for providers already providing connectivity services to enterprise customers, this turnkey solution enables high-margin storage services to be bundled with other value-added offerings to those customers.

"LuxN offers service providers a superior solution for connecting enterprises to their co-location facilities via reliable, high-speed optical metropolitan networks creating new opportunities for SAN applications beyond the enterprise," says Agnes Imregh, vice president marketing, at LuxN. "By interoperating with Crescent Networks and SAN Valley, we've created a solution for efficiently extending and scaling storage applications across a broad and varied network infrastructure."

"As today's businesses continue to expand their operations beyond a single metro region, mission-critical business applications such as storage networking, will need to be delivered across multiple metropolitan, national and global IP wide area networks," says Dr. James Luciani, CTO at Crescent Networks. "Dense virtual routing allows service providers to effectively manage and route thousands of separate IP application contexts from a single platform to dramatically improve the economics of their networks."

"There is a rich, growing service opportunity for carriers in the area of SAN services if providers are able to scale storage networks beyond the data center and into the wide area network," said Niraj Jain, vice president of marketing and business development at SAN Valley. "This partnership with LuxN and Crescent Networks highlights our shared commitment to providing solutions for applications such as disaster recovery and resource consolidation across metropolitan and wide area networks."

Interoperability testing was conducted at LuxN's Interoperability Lab facility in Sunnyvale, California. The interoperability between Crescent Networks, LuxN and SAN Valley Systems is part of Crescent Networks Partner's Program that was formally announced today.


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