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Object Storage Vendors: Buying Guide

Object storage is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects. Here's an overview of the leading Object storage vendors.

Spectra Logic BlackPearl: Product Overview and Insight

The Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System enables users to deploy a tiered storage strategy that is easy to manage and scalable to exabytes of data.

Dell EMC Data Domain: Product Overview and Insight

Data Domain offers scalable, cloud-ready protection storage for backup, archive, long-term cloud retention and modern disaster recovery.

Data Dynamics StorageX: Product Overview and Insight

Data Dynamics StorageX is a file management and file replication tool that makes copies NAS file shares as a means of data protection and replication. It provides a policy-based, storage management platform and supports S3 object storage.

Arcserve UDP: Product Overview and Insight

As part of Arcserve’s flagship backup and availability solution suite, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is backup and recovery for data and applications - virtual and physical, Windows and Linux.

IBM Cloud Object Storage: Product Overview and Insight

BM Cloud Object Storage enables large organizations to store, manage and access data via a self-service portal and RESTful APIs.

Veritas NetBackup: Product Overview and Insight

Veritas NetBackup provides unified data protection for multi-cloud, virtual and physical environments that can be globally managed from a single console. It can store data on disk, tape or the cloud.

Veritas Flex Appliance: Product Overview and Insight

Veritas Flex Appliance can consolidate multiple data protection software offerings on one device. It delivers on-demand, enterprise-wide backup and recovery, long-term retention and cloud tiering.

Acronis Backup: Product Overview and Insight

Acronis Backup provides protection for on-premises, remote systems, private and public clouds, and mobile devices.

Commvault HyperScale: Product Overview and Insight

Commvault HyperScale adds scale-out infrastructure to the Commvault Data Platform. It can integrate with storage arrays, hypervisors, applications and cloud providers. It takes advantage of a built-in operating environment, virtualization, and storage technologies from Red Hat.

SSD and Flash in Enterprise Storage Environments

Solid State drives and devices are everywhere. While once they were a home for small subsets of high-end, high-performance storage, now enterprise SSD are the preferred place of residence for a large portion of enterprise storage.

Network Attached Storage in the Enterprise

NAS, network attached storage, is relatively simple to set up and can now scale to an almost unlimited degree. With so much unstructured data in the enterprise, NAS is growing in prominence.

Storage Area Networks in the Enterprise

SANs remain a core asset of most large enterprises. Now incorporating faster networks, more powerful processors and solid state drives, they are now capable of better performance and higher capacity than ever.

Software Defined Storage Best Practices

Software defined storage offers a pathway to smoother and more agile software application deployment. But as it represents a fresh approach to system design, there are many challenges that lie in wait for the unprepared.

Software Defined Storage: Pros and Cons

Software defined storage clearly has pros and cons –  it flexibility and possibly lower costs, but its complexity can be a challenge for new operators.

Data Storage Protection Trends: Ten Storage Trends to Watch

Growing cloud adoption, the rise of the distributed enterprise and the demand for analytics are all driving data protection to the forefront. Here are some of the top in this suddenly hot area.

Ten Leading Data Backup Products

Data backup is an area of continual innovation in storage and data protection. These leaders in data backup are defining the storage marketplace.

Data Storage Backups vs Snapshots and Replication

Can data storage alternatives such as the cloud, replication and snapshots really replace traditional backup?

7 Reasons Why Data Backup is Here to Stay

What future role will data backup play in the enterprise, where is it irreplaceable?

Improving Storage Security: Fighting Cybercriminals

Merely backing up your data no longer provides an absolute guarantee that you can recover from a cyberattack.

Top 20 Big Data Analytics Solutions For Major Storage Environments

These Big Data Analytics products are leading the way as companies work to mine more insight from their data.

Data Storage and Analytics: 10 Tips to Make it the Perfect Marriage

Experts offer advice for finding the right match between data storage and analytics.

8 Top Tips for Beating the Big Data Deluge

If you don't plan carefully, big data initiatives can quickly overwhelm your storage infrastructure.

Top 10 Tips on Solid State Storage Adoption Strategy

Should you keep running your existing HDDs or should you commit to all-flash throughout your data center?

Top 10 Trends for Data Storage with Big Data Analytics

Edge computing, multi-cloud, IoT, storage intelligence and other technologies are leading to new storage advances.

Top 10 Predictions: How Will All-Flash Storage Look in 5 Years?

Most storage experts see nothing but blue skies ahead for all-flash storage.

Top 10 All-Flash Storage Vendors

Learn more about the all-flash storage vendors that appeared in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report.

Microsoft Azure: 8 Ways to Save on Cloud Storage

These tips can help you avoid unpleasant surprises on your cloud storage bill.

Why Storage Companies Are Partnering with Microsoft Azure for Cloud Storage

DataCore, Panzura, Nasuni, Zadara, Veritas, Caringo, Datapipe and other storage vendors are leveraging Azure to help grow their businesses.

Google Cloud: How to Reduce Data Storage Costs and Maximize Performance

These tips can help enterprises realize the cost and performance benefits they hope to gain from cloud storage.

Google Cloud Platform Gaining Data Storage Momentum

Many leading storage vendors are partnering with the cloud computing provider.

Who Will Rule the Storage World?

Over the past decade and a half, the top players in the storage market have remained the same. Will the trend continue?

5 Hot Storage Technologies to Watch

These new advances could boost performance, improve efficiency and support modern applications and architecture.

A 10-Year Review of Data Storage

The top competitors in the market have remained the same, but the technology has gone through radical changes.

8 Vital Data Protection Tips

Taking a few simple steps can help reduce the likelihood that your sensitive data will experience a breach.

8 Hot Data Protection Products

These new solutions can help secure data against attacks while ensuring that enterprises meet compliance requirements.

Top 10 Tips for Software-Defined Storage Deployment

SDS may not be catching on as quickly as some had hoped, but it excels in certain environments and use cases.

8 Hot Solid State Storage Products

Dell EMC, Toshiba, Seagate and Micron are coming out with new flash storage arrays that could interest enterprise customers.

What to Do with Legacy Assets in a Flash Storage World

You don't have to rip-and-replace all your existing HDDs. Here are several ways to continue extracting value from them as you transition to all-flash.

Where All-Flash Storage Makes No Sense

Experts say there are some use cases where organizations should not use all-flash storage.

All-Flash Array Economics

AFA prices haven't yet equaled HDDs on a per-gigabyte basis, but they offer other financial benefits that make them attractive to enterprises.

Buying Guide: All-Flash Storage

Dell EMC, Pure Storage, IBM, NetAPP and HPE are leading the way with AFAs.

8 Data Machine Learning and AI Storage Tips

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are coming to the enterprise. Are your storage systems ready?

Top 10 AI and Machine Learning Data Storage Trends

Artificial intelligence technology could have some positive impacts on the storage industry.

Enterprise SSD Buying Guide

Vendors have been rolling out a number of new products for the enterprise SSD market.

Top Tips for Enterprise SSD Form Factor Selection and Deployment

Some form factors are better than others for certain applications.

Software-Defined Storage: Where It’s Headed

Software defined storage, though still in its infancy, is sure to be a major technology in the years ahead.

Buying Guide: Software-Defined Storage

These are some of the leading SDS vendors with products suitable for enterprise customers.

Top 10 Things Driving DRaaS Adoption

Cloud-based disaster recovery services are growing in popularity for a wide variety of reasons, including cost and reliability concerns.

Cloud Storage Vs. On-Premise: 11 Reasons to Choose the Public Cloud

Here are eleven areas where the public cloud has an advantage over in-house storage solutions.

Cloud Storage vs. In-House: 12 Reasons to Stay On-Prem

While cloud storage is growing increasingly popular, on premise data storage continues to have key advantages.

Startups Make Data Movement Faster for Cloud Storage

A new crop of startups are making it easier to move data to and from cloud storage services.

Top Trends in High Capacity Enterprise SSDs

A huge price drop in flash has been paralleled by another spectacular occurrence: the storage capacity of Solid State Drives (SSDs) has gone through the roof.

Top Ten Tips to Address Cloud Storage Problems

Be prepared for some of the most common issues when moving data into cloud storage services.

Top 10 Enterprise SSD Market Trends

The enterprise SSD market is growing quickly, but that doesn't mean HDDs are dead.

The Future of NAS Data Storage

NAS storage will be around for the foreseeable future, but the market is changing.

Storage Hyperconvergence: When Does It Make Sense?

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers excellent ROI for some applications, but for others it makes sense to stick with traditional servers and storage.

Dell-EMC Merger Means Hyperconverged Data Centers and More Enterprise SSDs

At EMC World, Dell and EMC executives provided some insight into the future direction of the merged company.

Top Ten Tips for Storage Hyperconvergence

This advice from experts can help organizations make sure they are getting the best HCI for their needs.

Looking Beyond the Hype at Hyperconvergence in Storage

Hyperconverged infrastructure is growing quickly, but don't expect them to completely replace traditional SAN and NAS storage anytime soon.

Navigating From All-Disk to All-Solid State Storage

These tips can help organizations integrate AFAs into their storage infrastructure.

Eight Tips for Implementing an All-Flash Array

To avoid problems when deploying AFAs, enterprises need to select their hardware carefully.

Is Optical Disc an Illusion?

Concerns about capacity and other perceived disadvantages lead some storage experts to doubt optical, yet some see value in the format.

What Does Everything’s a Service Mean for Storage?

As the tech world shifts to the "as a service" model, the implications for storage are enormous. Is this a positive trend?

Top 10 Storage Appliances

These appliances offer deduplication, backup, acceleration and other services for your storage systems.

Handling Virtual Storage Challenges

When it's not done well, storage virtualization can lead to some significant problems.

Is Disk Storage in Trouble?

HDD sales have been declining as flash storage becomes more popular.

Top 10 Storage Vendors With Staying Power

Acquisitions have the storage landscape in constant flux, but some vendors fall under the category of untouchable.

The Future of Flash Storage

New form factors, TLC, 3D design, NVMe and WALDIO will help flash keep up with skyrocketing storage demand.

Five Technologies Improving Storage Performance

Deduplication, compression, object storage, IO-improving software and NVMe could help future storage systems deal with increasing data volumes.

Why Hard Drives Are Here to Stay (For Now)

New technologies like shingled magnetic recording, heat assisted magnetic recording, helium drives and heated dot magnetic recording will make HDDs cost-effective far into the future.

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