Backup and Recovery

The Top 6 NAS (Network Attached Storage)...

Looking for the best NAS devices for 2023? Compare the top NAS devices from leading manufacturers and find the perfect one for your needs now.

Is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule Still Relevant?

The three-copies rule of data backups is alive and well, especially as cyber crimes continue to plague all aspects of storage environments.

11 Data Backup Best Practices: Avoid Data...

Data backup best practices are essential for any business. Learn the X most important data backup best practices to ensure your data is safe.

What Is Data Archiving? Definition & Best...

Learn what data archiving is & its best practices for ensuring data security, backup & cost savings. Explore key strategies & benefits of data archiving.

What Is Disk Imaging & How Is...

Disk imaging is a process of creating an exact copy of a hard drive or other storage device. Learn more about disk imaging and its uses.

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

NAS is a file-level data storage device attached to a network.

What Is Data Storage Security? What You...

Data Storage Security is the practice of securing storage devices and systems. Explore our Guide to Data Security & best practices. Click here now.

5 Types of Enterprise Data Storage

Enterprise data storage needs have never been greater, and neither have their choose of solutions. Here are the five most popular types of enterprise data storage.

News: Rubrik to Integrate With Microsoft 365...

Zero Trust data security provider Rubrik announced a new integration with Microsoft 365 Backup this week. Designed for joint Rubrik and Microsoft 365 customers,...

Network Storage Comparison: DAS, NAS, and SAN

Simple Network Storage is a method of storing data available to clients on the network. Explore the different forms of Network Storage. Click here now.

2023 Pure//Accelerate Conference Product News Roundup

New FlashArray models deliver up to 40% higher performance, 30% more inline compression to stretch storage capacity, and new ransomware protection.

Disaster Recovery Testing: What You Need to...

Disaster recovery testing is an essential part of any organization's disaster recovery plan. Learn what you need to know about DR testing and how to get started.

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