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» Getting Back in Charge of Storage Purchasing
Navigate the storage purchasing maze while staying in control, keeping your cool and getting exactly what your company needs. (7/29/04)

» Is Storage Missing the Mid-Market?
Storage vendors focused on the enterprise and small business markets could be overlooking the critical midrange, according to one analysis. (7/23/04)

» Deliver us from Evals: Evaluating Storage Software
Steps your enterprise can take in cost-effectively deploying the perfect storage management environment — minus the grief. (5/28/04)

» Are Big Storage Solutions Right for Small Businesses?
Data performance, storage capacity, and disaster recover requirements are important factors for any small business network. While it can be difficult to determine which storage solution to go with, odds are pretty good that an inexpensive storage device will suffice. (5/17/04)

» Case Study: Improving Disaster Recovery Without Breaking the Bank
FleetBoston Financial recently took on its disaster recovery time. Drew Robb reveals how they improved their system without breaking the bank. (5/10/04)

» Trust, Mistrust, and Consumer Information
Legislation on data retention adds to the storage management burden; nonetheless, strict adherence to the law can have its benefits. Drew Robb covers the current spectrum of regulations impacting storage professionals as well as the challenges and opportunities these laws present. (5/3/04)

» 4-Gig Fibre Channel Adoption: What to Expect
As IT departments mull the jump to 4 Gbps Fibre Channel, the storage sector shows no signs of slowing on the tech front. Drew Robb weighs the factors in this and future upgrades. (4/28/04)

» Case Study: Maximizing Storage Value with IP SANs
Faced with a crumbling IT infrastructure and slashed budgets, one wired municipality turned to IP SANs to keep critical systems up and running. (4/19/04)

» SMI-S Coming of Age
The storage management spec gains broad vendor support at the ever-growing Storage Networking World Conference. (4/13/04)

» External Disk Storage System Marketplace Trends
Storage services spending in 2003 outpaces that of disk systems as SATA and FC conspire to change the networked storage landscape. (3/26/04)

» Vendor Backlash Fuels Storage Group's Growth
Tired of vendor hype? The recently launched Association of Storage Networking Professionals has a simple message resonating well among its potential constituents. (3/17/04)

» Who Should Adopt Networked Storage?
Storage consolidation and server consolidation sound great in theory. Reduce the number of servers, cut down on management complexity, and improve return on investment. But does this work out in reality? (3/9/04)

» Storage Security: Getting Beyond M&M SANs
Like the candy-coated treats, SANs are an irresistible lure to criminals that can't wait to get to the soft, sweet center. (2/25/04)

» Case Study: Linux Can, Linux SAN
Does Linux have what it takes to succeed as a storage networking platform? In the eyes of NuTec Energy, yes it does. (2/18/04)

» The Data Center of the Future
Today's data centers are a major expense and require a great deal of nursing to run. Tomorrow, with a little help from commodity hardware, Linux, and open standards, these issues should become relics of the past. (2/5/04)

» User Power Gathers Steam in Storage Industry
ASNP, a fledgling group of IT professionals, quickly passes the 1,000 membership milestone in its mission to carve out a place for frank and open discourse in the data storage sector. (1/26/04)

» Case Study: The Stocks Must Go On
Despite blackouts, disasters, and human error, financial systems must keep running. NYFIX met this challenge by migrating to enterprise-class backup systems. (1/15/04)

» Hiding the Storage Plumbing
Ease of use is trickling down to every aspect of enterprise computing, even storage. Drew Robb takes a look at how today's innovations are paving the way for tomorrow's 'plug and play' SANs. (1/2/04)

» Leaping Hurdles to Safeguard the SAN
Managers who realize security is a huge problem at the corporate level don't always recognize just how insecure their storage networks really are. Drew Robb looks at the increasing prevalence of SAN insecurity and what IT managers can do to safeguard their storage assets. (12/4/03)

» On Demand Storage Stressed at Comdex
A mere shadow of its go-go '90s self, Comdex faced a cautious IT industry as HP and IBM readied attendees for the next-generation data center. (11/26/03)

» Environmental Monitoring - A Storage Essential
Scorching temperatures with a chance of showers...In the datacenter, this forecast can spell disaster for your SAN. However, there are ways to keep your systems cool, dry, and ready for anything. (11/18/03)

» Storage Networking World: Bigger, Better, and 'Buzzier'
Judging by last week's event, it's little wonder that storage is one of the few IT bright spots. Drew Robb reports on some of the highlights. (11/5/03)

» Breaking Down the Storage Virtualization Barriers
Is your SAN's growth outpacing your ability to effectively manage it? If so, storage virtualization may help cut through the complexity and rein in costs. (10/30/03)

» Case Study: FICO Implements Tape SAN
Data is FICO's business, plain and simple. When poor backup reliability posed a problem, smart planning and a storage overhaul were in order. (10/6/03)

» SCSI Failing to Drive out Satan
Is Serial ATA the work of the devil? Some SCSI storage vendors would have you think so. However, succumbing to this temptation can lead to a slice of heaven in your datacenter. (9/16/03)

» IT on Tap: How Realistic Is the Storage Utility Concept?
Just how realistic is the vision of storage as a utility service? Is it a distant dream or a near-term reality? And most importantly, how do we get there from here? (9/11/03)

» Who Needs Mobile Backup?
Despite IT resistance, the growing legions of mobile users are forcing enterprises – and network admins – to confront laptop backups. (9/2/03)

» Robbing the (Data) Bank
Security concerns surface about centralized storage. (8/18/03)

» Backup Emerging from the Shadow of Storage
Is your organization on the ball when it comes to backing up your mission critical data? In the latest Storage Management Essentials feature, Drew Robb takes a look at how advances in backup technologies are changing the storage landscape and putting businesses on the path to resilient, easy-to-manage recovery systems. (8/11/03)

» A Dashboard Approach to Storage Management
The Storage Management Essentials series continues with an examination of the factors to consider when selecting a console for effectively managing increasingly complex and ever-growing networked storage environments. (8/4/03)

» Regaining Control of Storage Management
In part two of the Storage Management Essentials series, we examine how management portals can help tame an organization's growing storage infrastructure and offer a look into the future of self-managing systems. (7/22/03)

» Too Much of a Good Thing: Managing Information Overload in Storage Management
Drew Robb kicks off the Storage Management Essentials series with a look at tools designed to keep administrators from getting swept up in a flood of event alerts and instead allow them to devote their resources to the events that truly matter. (6/23/03)

» The Search for Storage Expertise
The explosive growth in SAN deployments has led to a dearth of personnel who are proficient at running them. The Storage Networking Industry Association hopes a new storage training program will address the SAN skills shortage. (6/10/03)

» Coping with Chaotic Storage Growth
Managing enterprise storage is, in many respects, a mess. Drew Robb covers one possible solution on the horizon for organizations trying to minimize storage chaos. (6/4/03)

» Case Study: It's All Sun and SAN at The Weather Channel
To improve its ability to rapidly adjust services to meet customer needs, The Weather Channel consolidated its mix of storage devices into a Storage Area Network with equipment from Hitachi Data Systems. (4/29/03)

» Case Study: Taming the Storage Jungle
Client/server technology, low-cost disks, and capacity on various servers strewn across a network have created a virtual storage jungle. Here's how the Bank of Montreal addressed the challenge of consolidating and simplifying storage. (4/1/03)

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