Cylink Boosts Business Continuity and SAN Solutions with Expand Networks

E-business security provider Cylink Corporation has announced a joint product solution with Expand Networks with solution for accelerating compressed, encrypted data streams. According to the company, Cylink’s encryption devices, coupled with Expand’s ACCELERATORs, will deliver 100-400+% acceleration and yield a 50-80% reduction in bandwidth requirements for business continuity and storage area network applications.

Accorinding to companies, the combined Cylink/Expand solution stands apart from the competition by providing substantial cost and performance benefits for storage area networks and business continuity applications. Using a combined Cylink/Expand solution, enterprises can build-out secure, low cost business continuity solutions, without investing in dedicated, costly infrastructure. Secure business continuity solutions can be deployed on small, inexpensive WAN links. In certain cases, the additional WAN bandwidth created by ACCELERATORs will allow business continuity solutions to be used over the existing WAN, avoiding costly WAN upgrades altogether. Furthermore, customers currently performing limited data backups can significantly increase backup frequency and size without performing time-intensive and expensive network upgrades. Customers will realize a return on investment period of anywhere between three to nine months by deploying the Cylink/Expand solution.

“The importance of securing mission-critical information cannot be underestimated. Our partnership with Expand further reduces the cost of providing our customers with secure business continuity solutions,” said Charles Baumert, Senior Director, Marketing for Cylink Corporation. “This move furthers Cylink’s entry into the rapidly growing storage area networking market.”

“The Expand/Cylink solution targets enterprise users who want to assure secure and optimal performance of their SAN and business continuity applications, without making costly alterations to their existing infrastructures,” said Talmon Marco, President and Co-founder, Expand Networks. “The end result is the ability for enterprises to transfer accelerated, encrypted data — with no change to user applications or network configurations, thereby allowing users to benefit from a cost effective and best-of-breed solution.”

The solution is available now and incorporates Expand’s ACCELERATOR 1800, 2800 and 4800 Series with Cylink’s NetHawk VPN device, and Expand’s ACCELERATOR 2700 and 4000 Series with Cylink’s Frame and Link Encryptors.

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