EMC and Microsoft Build Largest SQL Server SAN

EMC and Microsoft have teamed to develop the largest Microsoft SQL Server SAN ever built. The joint engineering activity, conducted at Microsoft’s SQL Server Labs in Redmond, Wash., resulted in a 45-terabyte configuration that included a simulated 10-terabyte human genomics database. The companies say that the project highlights the scalability and flexibility of SQL Server 2000 and will be used to showcase total-cost-of-ownership, management and performance benefits of large-scale automated networked storage environments.

Microsoft’s SQL Server Labs utilize more than 100 terabytes of EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON-based storage, EMC Connectrix switches and directors and EMC software. The EMC Automated Networked Storage environment serves as the primary storage platform for all new SQL Server development and testing. EMC technology is used for performance and functionality testing, stress testing, customer load and playback testing as well as scalability, reliability and integration.

“Microsoft’s SQL Server team has worked closely with EMC for more than five years to extend the value of our customer’s database investment,” said Gordon Mangione, vice president for SQL Server at Microsoft. “As customers’ data storage requirements continue to grow exponentially, storage networking remains an important area of focus. The 45-terabyte configuration demonstrates that SQL Server is highly scalable and can meet performance, management and protection requirements. The end result is an integrated solution that allows customers to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

Erez Ofer, EMC’s Executive Vice President of Open Software Operations, added, “Our engineering work in Microsoft’s SQL Server Labs is designed to provide customers with integrated solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and scale. Microsoft’s testing and development of current and future versions of SQL Server on EMC Automated Networked Storage results in optimized performance, improved availability and better management. This ultimately helps customers deploy Microsoft and EMC solutions that give them easy and universal access to their information.”

Microsoft and EMC said that they have worked together since 1995 on a number of customer and technology-related initiatives, including efforts in Microsoft’s Windows 2000 and Exchange development labs as well as Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center. The two companies have most recently worked to integrate EMC technology with new storage features of Microsoft .NET Server 2003.

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