CA Unveils Vision For Next Generation Storage Management Solutions

Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) today unveiled its vision of “Managing Storage without Boundaries.” This vision is the driving force behind CA’s acclaimed BrightStor brand of storage management solutions.

“Today’s storage environments have become a maze of platforms, topologies and manufacturers. Customers are therefore demanding storage management solutions that greatly simplify the deployment, optimization and maintenance of their enterprise-wide storage subsystems,” said Russell Artzt, CA executive vice president. “Through our BrightStor solutions and the unmatched breadth of our industry partnerships, CA is uniquely able to deliver on this vision of multi-vendor end-to-end storage management – providing maximum business value by transcending the boundaries of platform, physical location and operational constraints.”

CA has created a new class of storage management solutions that it calls “Enterprise Storage Automation.” Enterprise Storage Automation provides the functional intelligence, dynamic storage provisioning, policy definitions and other advanced capabilities necessary to shield operations staff from the complexities of underlying storage infrastructures. These solutions enable administrators to manage and visualize storage from a true business perspective, rather than a purely technical one.

Enterprise Storage Automation also brings the management of storage into better alignment with the management of other key enterprise IT resources such as systems and network infrastructures. By enabling this integrated management of storage and non-storage resources, Enterprise Storage Automation further optimizes the return on storage investments and delivers on the vision of “Managing Storage without Boundaries.”

Taking the first step towards fulfilling its stated vision, CA today announced its new BrightStor Portal, the first deliverable in “Enterprise Storage Automation.” BrightStor Portal addresses the growing challenges of enterprise storage by radically simplifying the management of storage resources across heterogeneous protocols and vendor hardware platforms – thereby lowering operational costs and ensuring that storage resources are utilized with the utmost efficiency.

CA also announced the general availability of BrightStor Storage Resource Manager (BrightStor SRM) 6.3, a tool which provides storage administrators with the capability to discover, report, monitor, and analyze distributed and mainframe storage resources. In addition, a future product, BrightStor SAN Manager, has entered its initial phase of beta testing at client sites. This solution extends enterprise class management tools into the SAN.

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