Enterprise Storage Snapshots – 12/5/03

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Enterprise Storage Snapshots offers a weekly wrap-up of what’s going on in the storage industry.Here are our storage news highlights for the first week of December: Finisar serves up a suite of enterprise SAN performance software tools, PMC-Sierra and Agilent partner on a 10 Gigagit (10GE and 10G FC) development platform, Exavio unveils its ExaVault Fibre Channel Media Storage System, and FalconStor’s IPStor iSCSI appliance qualifies for Microsoft’s ‘Designed for Windows’ logo program.

Finisar Serves Up Suite of Enterprise SAN Performance Tools

Finisar Corporation this week unveiled four new software tools designed to enhance the performance of enterprise SANs as well as to generate information that helps maintain network uptime, stave off unexpected delays, reduce costs, and avoid loss of revenue on mission critical applications.

The products include NetWisdom Version 1.1, a performance monitoring application for both Fibre Channel (FC) SANs and Ethernet LANs; Surveyor Version 5.5, a tool for Enterprise LAN network analysis and management; Xgig Tap, software that delivers detailed network analysis and intrusion detection prevention on 10-Gig FC and Ethernet networks; and Distributed Tap Manager (DTM), a tool that offers remote access and management of network taps from a single software console.

Finisar’s NetWisdom provides real-time monitoring of “storage I/O centric” SCSI transactions at the individual Initiator/target level, enabling full monitoring and analysis of end-device health and performance. The software is designed to provide a single correlated view of overall network traffic for easier SAN management and monitoring, and to minimize down-time through early detection of recovered errors.

“Finisar’s NetWisdom offers SAN managers unique insight into their SAN performance monitoring and overall network health. It provides a level of detail currently not seen by existing Storage Resource Management and SAN Management product offerings. This detailed data is crucial for maintaining optimum network performance,” says Harry Aine, President, SAN Solutions.

NetWisdom, Surveyor 5.5, and Xgig Tap are currently available for purchase, and the Distributed Tap Manager software can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.finisar.com/download/.


PMC-Sierra and Agilent Team on 10 Gigagit Development Platform

PMC-Sierra this week released its new PM2384-KIT QuadPHY 10GX SERDES (serializer/deserializer), and accompanied the announcement with news of the QuadPHY 10GX’s successful interoperability with Agilent Technologies’ X2 1310nm optical transceiver.

The QuadPHY 10GX and Agilent X2 module achieved continuous error-free operation over a wide range of environmental conditions when tested with the QuadPHY 10GX evaluation kit. The evaluation kit is a comprehensive PC-based evaluation and development platform supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) and 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel (10G FC) applications.

“PMC-Sierra’s collaboration with Agilent Technologies to deliver a 10 Gigabit development platform to designers of Ethernet and Fibre Channel storage networks is focused on demonstrating the interoperability of 10GE and 10G FC components,” states Stuart Robinson, manager of Product Marketing and Applications, Enterprise and Storage Division, at PMC-Sierra. “The combination of our QuadPHY 10GX evaluation kit and Agilent’s X2 optical transceiver provides our customers with an off-the-shelf, compact, low-cost, power-efficient 10 Gbit/s solution.”

“Our X2 optical transceiver modules leverage Agilent’s XENPAK technology to meet customers’ cost, thermal, and EMI performance requirements,” says Antony
Spilman, strategic marketing manager for Agilent’s Fiber Optic Products Division. “Collaborating with PMC-Sierra on the successful interoperability of our X2 optical transceiver with their QuadPHY 10GX evaluation kit demonstrates how quickly this technology has matured, and it clearly proves the compactness and robustness of 10 Gigabit optical interfaces.”

The PM2384-KIT QuadPHY 10GX evaluation kit is priced at $3,250 each. Additional information for the evaluation system is available at http://www.pmc-sierra.com/serdes.


ExaVault FC Media Storage System Debuts at Western Show

Exavio Inc. this week showcased its new ExaVault FC Media Storage System at the Western Show Exhibition and Conference in Anaheim, CA. The system is specifically optimized for media-centric SAN deployment within on-demand digital media storage environments in the entertainment, broadcast, content creation, and delivery markets.

A single ExaVault storage array can store up to 3 terabytes (TB) within a 1RU (about 4.5cm high) frame. Multiple ExaVault storage arrays can be stacked and managed by a Linux controller, and as a result, can scale from 3TB up to 120TB using current drive capacities.

The ExaVault FC sub-system is comprised of a Linux-based controller, ExaView management software, and scalable storage arrays that provide flexibility for on-demand applications like VOD content libraries, on-line, near-line, and archive storage for storage area networks.

Thomas Jackson, president and CEO of Exavio, asserts the ExaVault FC represents “the lowest cost, highest density media centric storage solution designed to seamlessly integrate with storage area networks.”

“Further,” Jackson continues, “the system interoperates with a variety of operating systems and can scale as the customer’s storage needs grow. The cost, scale, and performance of the ExaVault FC make it a very attractive alternative for on-demand on-line, near-line, and archive storage applications.”

The ExaVault FC will be available in Q1 of 2004.


FalconStor’s IPStor Qualifies for ‘Designed for Windows’ Logo

FalconStor Software this week announced its IPStor iSCSI appliance has qualified for the Designed for Windows Logo Program, continuing the company’s support of Microsoft solutions and technology.

The company put its IPStor technology through rigorous testing over the past year to help ensure interoperability with the Windows platform. In addition to achieving qualification by supporting the Microsoft iSCSI software initiator and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, IPStor technology also supports the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 platform.

FalconStor will also provide a management GUI for the iSCSI client hosts that utilizes Microsoft’s iSCSI software initiator and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interfaces.

“Microsoft’s iSCSI architecture will provide businesses with another robust method of accessing their data stores,” says Bernie Wu, FalconStor vice president of business development. “Used in conjunction with IPStor technology and its business continuity, accelerated backup and recovery, and performance optimization solutions, customers will have a flexible and extensible storage network that can scale and adapt to their ever changing IT environment.”


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