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8 Deduplication Products You Must Check Out

It wasn't so long ago that deduplication was the province of a couple of startups, such as Data Domain. Boy has the technology taken hold in the past five years. So obvious is the use case that just about all the big vendors have bought into the vision.

Here are some of the best ones.

1. Quantum DXi8500

Quantum's DXi line of disk-based systems with built-in de-duplication consists of several products. The DXi8500, for example, is built for enterprisewide backup, disaster recovery and data protection. It provides up to 6.4TB/hour backup performance and up to 200TB usable capacity.

"Quantum uses variable length block technology, which allows for the most efficient data reduction technique," said Mike Sparkes, product manager, enterprise disk systems for Quantum.

2. HP D2D4324

The HP D2D4324 Backup System uses the company's StoreOnce deduplication technology. It provides up to 72 TB of usable capacity. With deduplication being such a competitive arena, HP has improved its own deduplication algorithms to store the index of deduplication files in memory and disk, as well as arranging data on disk in a better way.

"Sometimes we don't even dedupe, as it is less efficient to do with certain types of files and degrades performance," said Lee Johns, director of product marketing for Unified Storage, HP StorageWorks. "In those rare cases, we just compress them."

3. EMC Avamar Data Store

There is a big argument in deduplication circles about the virtues of target-based deduplication versus source-based. EMC covers its bases by offering both options. On the source-based side, it has EMC Avamar. It deduplicates data before it is passed across the network. This is particularly good for VMware, remote offices and NAS, as well as in environments where bandwidth is constrained.

"Source-based is effective when you are seeking to maximize the efficiency of dedupe or when you need to dedupe before you transport data over the network," said Mark Sorensen, senior vice president of the Enterprise Storage Division in EMC's Storage Software Group.

There are several ways to deploy Avamar, but the fastest and easiest is probably EMC Avamar Data Store, which combines EMC hardware and Avamar backup and recovery software in one package. That saves companies figuring out how to deploy the software on existing hardware. The latest version of Avamar includes source-based deduplication on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and IBM Lotus Domino.

4. EMC Data Domain Boost

Deduplication ratios tend to be better in source-based, but the downside is that it can be CPU intensive. Therefore, if you interject source-based deduplication while attempting to backup a SAN, you may inhibit performance. Using target-based dedupe would exert less of a burden on the SAN. Target-based approaches are often preferred for databases, too.

To address such customer needs, EMC Data Domain offers a variety of products, including a full range of appliances. Boost software is probably the most significant. This, to some degree, pulls the rug out from the source versus target deduplication argument. Although Data Domain remains a target-level product, Boost shifts most of the work to the backup media server. Instead of sending everything over the network during a backup and having the dedupe appliance sort out which data is already recorded and retain only the new stuff, the media server figures that out in advance and sends only the necessary material over the wires.

Boost reduces the load on the backup server and frees up even more bandwidth for the Data Domain appliance. According to EMC, this brings about 80 to 99 percent less backup LAN bandwidth consumed and a 50 percent faster Data Domain box.

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