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Top Ten Tips for Storage Hyperconvergence

This advice from experts can help organizations make sure they are getting the best HCI for their needs.

Looking Beyond the Hype at Hyperconvergence in Storage

Hyperconverged infrastructure is growing quickly, but don't expect them to completely replace traditional SAN and NAS storage anytime soon.

Navigating From All-Disk to All-Solid State Storage

These tips can help organizations integrate AFAs into their storage infrastructure.

Eight Tips for Implementing an All-Flash Array

To avoid problems when deploying AFAs, enterprises need to select their hardware carefully.

The Future of Disk Storage

Google provides a glimpse of the hard drives of tomorrow.

Why Workloads Matter More Than IOPS or Streaming

The speed of your storage device doesn't always directly correspond to the amount of work it can get done.

Evolving Hyperconvergence

It's time to bring hyperconvergence to secondary storage.

Have Hard Drives Jumped the Shark?

Spinning disk media will be around for a while longer, but it looks like their days are numbered.

SSD Sales to Eclipse Hard Disk Sales Soon

New manufacturing techniques are making solid state storage arrays the best solution for an increasingly broad array of applications.

Top Ten Storage Appliances

These appliances offer deduplication, backup, acceleration and other services for your storage systems.

Is Disk Storage in Trouble?

HDD sales have been declining as flash storage becomes more popular.

Is the Dell/EMC Merger Good or Bad for Storage? Try Both

There may be some customer angst over suddenly unsupported storage products -- and there might be some quite happy customers.

The Future of Flash Storage

New form factors, TLC, 3D design, NVMe and WALDIO will help flash keep up with skyrocketing storage demand.

Why Hard Drives Are Here to Stay (For Now)

New technologies like shingled magnetic recording, heat assisted magnetic recording, helium drives and heated dot magnetic recording will …

VVOLs and VMware

Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) enable a VM to communicate its data management requirements directly to the storage array.


Old and new technologies will likely co-exist for several years.

Storage Users Speak: Data Lakes, DR, Big Data, Virtualization, the Cloud

Data storage administrators at a variety of companies talk about their approach to improving data storage efficiency.

NVMe: The Golden Ticket for Faster Flash Storage?

This technology could help eliminate bottlenecks and make flash, storage and applications faster.

EMC: Keeping Core Technologies Fresh, Active and Relevant

Hot storage products like XtremIO 4.0 and VMAX3 were on display at EMC World 2015.

Elite Eight Flash Data Storage Tips

Just as the NCAA basketball tournament whittles down to the elite eight, we offer eight elite tips for flash storage.

9 Tips for Getting the Most out of Flash Data Storage

Contrary to vendor hype, flash isn't the answer to all data storage problems. Yet it does make a huge difference in those situations where …

Disk Array Buying Guide: Challengers and Visionaries

An overview of storage vendors that Gartner identifies as challengers and visionaries.

Disk Array Implementation Tips

For effective disk array, remember to match the array to the application, and make the most of virtualization.

General Purpose Disk Array Buying Guide

The disk array is the foundation of today’s data storage infrastructure.

Shingled Drives for Re-Roofing Your Storage?

In an effort to increase drive capacity, manufacturers have created a new type of hard drive called a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).

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