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Storage Networking World Turns Cloudy

Cloud storage seems a long way from being enterprise-ready, but a number of users are considering the technology anyway.

Cloud Data Storage SLAs: Read the Fine Print

Cloud vendors moving data over the Internet can only promise so much.

IBM, Verizon Move Data Backup and Recovery to the Cloud

The two tech giants are partnering on a cloud-based data backup offering that uses Verizon's private network for performance and security.

SAN Services Might Be Worth the Cost for Critical Data

Storage area network services aren't cheap, but if your data is critical enough, they might be worth the cost.

EMC, NetApp Strike Online Backup and Recovery Deals

Data storage vendors continue to tailor their offerings for the cloud.

Can Cloud Computing Replace Your Storage Network?

Enterprises don't seem to be in much of a hurry to turn to the cloud to meet their storage networking needs, presenting a big obstacle for …

Cloud Leverage Offers Really Cheap Online Storage

A new startup promises enterprise-class online storage for a nickel a gigabyte per month with no transfer fees.

Grid Computing and the Future of Cloud Computing

Grid computing paved the way for clouds. But can cloud computing succeed where grids failed?

Microsoft Recovers Sidekick Data, Improves Backup

Microsoft recovers most T-Mobile Sidekick data, but the service's reputation may take longer to recover.

T-Mobile Data Loss a Setback for Clouds?

A massive data loss at T-Mobile should drive home one point: Always have more than one copy of your data.

Zmanda Does Cloud Storage for Less with Open Source

Zmanda uses open-source backup software and Amazon S3 to offer cheaper backup for small businesses.

Data Storage Startups Focus on Cost

MaxiScale and Symform serve different markets with the same message: saving on storage costs.

Google Could Learn a Thing or Two from EMC

As Google reportedly nears the release of its cloud storage service, it could stand to learn a lesson or two from the enterprise storage …

EMC Adds Some Thunder to the Cloud

At EMC World, the data storage giant and AT&T offer proof that the cloud is ready for enterprises, but analysts and users may still need …

AT&T, EMC Unveil Cloud Storage Service

EMC today unveiled a new vision for cloud storage, including a major partnership with AT&T.

Cleversafe Disperses Content Across the Cloud

The open source storage vendor says its new technology distributes content slices instead of full copies, providing massive new scalability …

Zetta Moves Primary Storage to the Cloud

A new startup unveils what it claims is an industry first: a cloud service for primary data storage.

HP, Yahoo Close Online Storage Services

The much-hyped market for online data storage appears to be winnowing, and a few high-profile names are among the casualties.

Iron Mountain Puts File Archiving In The Cloud

The document archiving giant is pushing a new 'storage-as-a-service' offering that promises to make data archiving cheaper and easier.

Google's GDrive Makes a (Brief) Appearance

A source code sighting suggests what Google's long-rumored GDrive storage service is and what it will be used for — if it ever ships.

Bringing Data Center Automation to the Masses

A new service brings data center automation within reach of small businesses.

EMC Seeks to Make Data More Valuable

The storage giant doesn't want to become a business intelligence vendor, but it certainly plans to leverage the technology.

The Cloud Offers Promise for Storage Users

Cloud computing may be ill-defined and over-hyped, but for storage users, it could represent a new way of looking at storage.

Making Sense of Online Backup Options

Experts say security and trust are key when deciding where small businesses should store their data.

EMC Outlines Consumer Storage Plans

With Iomega on board, the enterprise storage giant has big plans for the consumer, 'prosumer' and SMB markets.

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