Acronis vs. Backblaze

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Data runs modern-day businesses, so any loss of business-critical data can adversely affect organizational productivity and performance. Unpredictable circumstances like system failure, user errors, natural disasters, phishing attacks, software corruption, and more can lead to information loss, impacting business revenue and production.

Thus, data security has become a crucial aspect of business operations, and companies are increasingly focusing on secure and reliable data backup and recovery solutions.

Acronis and Backblaze provide market-leading data security solutions in the IT sector. Here is a detailed review of these top platforms and how they help with smart data backup solutions and security improvement measures:

Acronis vs. Backblaze: Portfolio

Acronis has designed an all-in-one cyber protection solution that can work in both on-premises and cloud environments. Also, the solution is a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes. It is designed with a combination of automation and integration that helps businesses streamline their data protection efforts and takes care of the safety, security, and privacy challenges.

Additionally, Acronis offers remote backup management, making it easier to access them from tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Along with full-infrastructure utilization, Acronis safeguards the workloads ensuring its clients remain “#Cyberfit.” The user interface is simple, reliable, and easy to use. With its calendar functionality feature, content planning and scheduling become very efficient.

Backblaze offers uncomplicated and affordable backup services. It guarantees data protection with military-grade encryption with SSL connections. With scheduled and automated backup features, users need not perform any function. Protecting data also lets users set up private encryption keys and shields all the stored and processed information.

Backblaze runs in the background constantly and needs no manual intervention. It follows a “back-up everything” approach. Backblaze also has an interactive, compact, and well-organized user interface.

Regardless of the dataset size, network bandwidth and frequency speed, Backblaze can optimize business performance with its durable and reliable design storage and compliance-compatible solutions.

Acronis Backblaze

Acronis vs. Backblaze: Partners

Acronis has integrated with top platforms to design the best data security solutions. For service automation, it has partnered with leading technology giants like ALSO, Cloudmore, WHMCS, AppDirect, HostBill, CloudBlue, RackNap, and more for designing seamless automation and powerful management solutions.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Services can help with efficient workload management, as it has been designed in partnership with MariaDB, DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel, CloudLinux OS, Google Workspace, Scale Computing, and Virtuozzo. Thus, the product has enhanced cyber protection capabilities and offers an agile hybrid cloud data protection platform.

In addition, Servicenow, Microsoft Intune, Kaseya BMS, Tigerpaw One, NinjaOne, Datto RMM, Backup Radar, Jamf Pro, Matrix 42, and Connectwise platforms help Acronis with comprehensive virtualization solutions, better software management, automation of IT processes, and easy and simple mass deployment solutions.

Additional data destinations like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Softlayer storage, Cloudian, Wasabi, and more have integrated with Acronis for data storage and configuration. Liongard’s platform provides unified visibility for Acronis Cyber Protection Services. Acronis also uses other collaboration tools for safe and secure remote work: Zoom, Omnivoice, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Citrix Workspace.

Backblaze has partnered with top platforms like Cloudflare, Fastly, and for integrated content delivery. They help in the easy development and distribution of stored applications. For effortless multi-office file exchange and cloud-powered centralized cloud backup, it has partnered with Synology NAS.

Other top partners of Backblaze include Acembly, Anchorpoint, Aparavi, Archiware P5, Iconic, Catalogic, CatDV, Cherry Servers, and more. It has also integrated with CloudCasa, Cloudflare, Comet Backup, Cycle, Cubix, and Cyberduck for cloud storage and container orchestration solutions.

Moreover DataIntell helps Backblaze with data storage and utilization, and Duplicacy, Duplicati 2.0, and Duplicity Linux provide cloud backup, client-side encryption, and easy storage migration.

Through the open source Data Transfer Project, Backblaze has integrated with Facebook for direct and secured transfer of images and videos, and Resilio Connect helps Backblaze with bi-directional and on-demand data syncing. Another notable integration is with Veeam, which helps in enabling immutability and protecting from ransomware and malicious attacks.

Acronis Backblaze
Global Reach

Acronis vs. Backblaze: Use Cases

Acronis has many use cases. For service providers, Acronis provides a secured MSP (managed service provider) platform to lower the cybersecurity risks faced by clients. With fewer resources, it offers combined solutions for cybersecurity, data protection and backup.

To improve organizational productivity, Acronis modernizes the cybersecurity technology stack of businesses. It has also designed security-awareness training modules to enhance end-user preparedness.

Acronis has an AI-powered anti-malware engine that can instantly detect malicious attacks and handle cyber threats efficiently. It also provides continuous data protection solutions and world-class recovery options.

In addition, Acronis has various solutions for businesses like ransomware protection, patch management solutions, work collaboration protection, anti-malware solutions for corporate environments, disaster recovery options, file backup and recovery, and data loss prevention (DLP).

As modern cyberthreats can potentially harm a business, Acronis tries its best to include all possible data protection solutions to protect its clients from advanced threats.

Backblaze offers cloud storage solutions, business backup solutions and personal backup solutions. B2 Cloud Storage includes IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) solutions that help businesses in building applications with S3 compatible APIs (application programming interfaces) and connect leading CDN (content delivery network) and compute services seamlessly. At a fraction of the cost of AWS S3, it offers single-tier storage and egress pricing.

Business Backup Solutions from Backblaze include Veeam backup, server backups, NAS (network-attached storage) backup, and computer backup. Besides, it has more than a hundred prebuilt integrations and alliance partners. The solutions are durable and reliable, allow multicloud storage across multiple data centers, and support data retention and deletion policies.

Acronis Backblaze

Acronis vs. Backblaze: User Reviews

G2 has rated Acronis Backup and Recovery solutions with a 4.3-star rating. Users like it, as it can be easily implemented and has a modern graphical user interface (GUI). Some feel that Acronis can improve bulk functioning management and create a more frequent M365 and Google Workspace backup schedule.

Backblaze has a 4.6-star rating on G2. It is low-maintenance and quite flexible. It’s also praised for its service stability, S3 compatibility, speed, and convenient API. Also, Cloudflare integration makes a massive difference to B2 solutions.

Acronis has a score of 7.7 in TrustRadius. It provides quick and reliable backup and recovery solutions and supports on-site and off-site backup destinations. Also, the support team is excellent, and they respond very quickly.

On TrustRadius, BackBlaze has a score of 9. Users feel that it offers very affordable and reliable solutions for cloud backup. A downside of Backblaze solutions is that the deleted items are retained for thirty days in the archive and not for an indefinite period. It causes issues at times.

Acronis has been rated with 4.5 stars on Capterra. It offers highly productive solutions at low costs. It balances the data and infrastructure costs well and has an intuitive web-based management console that makes monitoring and scheduling easier.

Backblaze has a 4.8-star rating on Capterra. It offers cloud-based backup solutions for businesses of all sizes and enables quick backups.

Acronis Backblaze
G2 4.3 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
TrustRadius 7.7 out of 10 9 out of 10
Capterra 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5

Acronis vs. Backblaze: Recognition

Acronis has been recognized as the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Vendor by ChannelPro2022. CRN has also included Acronis in its top 100 storage and security solutions list in 2022.

In the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, Acronis CyberPortect Home Office was awarded the Best Cybersecurity Product.

In 2021, the company was recognized in the Top 10 Balck Unicorns. It has been awarded the ITreview Grid Award three times. In the 2020 CyberSecured Awards, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud was recognized as the Best in Ransomware.

In the 2022 Fortress CyberSecurity Awards, Backblaze won the award in the Incidents Response category. It is recommended by The New York Times, PC World, Lifewire, The Verge, and other top technical news platforms.

In August 2021, The New York Times Wirecutter recognized Backblaze as the best cloud backup service for most people. As per IDC, it is expected to reach $91 billion USD in 2025.

Acronis Backblaze

Acronis vs. Backblaze: Overall

Acronis has around 20,000 service providers and 750,000 businesses as its clients. It operates in more than 150 countries, and the management console is available in 26 languages. This makes it a popular choice in the global market.

Backblaze has around 500,000 customers presently. It offers excellent encryption features, data storage management, disaster recovery, and continuous backup solutions. Besides, it offers unlimited storage for backup and is considered a very cost-effective option in the IT market.

You can select either Acronis or Backblaze based on your overall budget and business requirements. Both are currently the top choices in the market, as they help businesses with efficient data management, data analysis, and backup, and recovery solutions.

Acronis Backblaze
Use Cases

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