Adaptec Appliance Backs Up PC and Laptop Data

Adaptec has introduced an application-specific storage array that automatically backs up and protects PC and laptop information.

Backing up data stored on servers is common practice, but information saved locally on desktop PC and laptop hard drives — which accounts for as much as 60% of all business data, according to IDC — all too often remains at risk of loss when drives fail.

Adaptec File Saver ESA1500

Adaptec File Saver ESA1500

The Adaptec File Saver ESA1500 is a high availability, fault-tolerant, network-attached storage RAID appliance that provides real-time backup of PC and laptop data and allows users to restore lost files themselves, according to the Milpitas, Calif.-based company. The 1TB array is easy to install and can scale to four terabytes of storage capacity by adding appliances.

“We think we really have a superior product,” says Adaptec product marketing manager Natalia Warren. “We solve a very specific problem with this product.”

The appliance is targeted at organizations with small IT departments, remote offices, mobile laptop users, and workgroups. Ease of use and operation was a big priority for the product, according to Warren.

“We don’t want to train people in how to behave,” says Warren. “We want them to be happy.”

One happy user is the Electronic Access Department of the Orange County, Fla., facilities management division, which maintains safe and lock combinations and other security information for all 6,000 county employees, who need access to every government site including the county courthouse and jail, sheriff’s office, and parks and recreation facilities.

The division was storing the security data on disk drives in several databases, which required manual saves with each modification and staffing change. The division tried other approaches, including adding CD ROM storage, using tape drives, and deploying backup software, but faced failed backups, lost data, and maintenance problems. Adaptec’s File Saver solved those issues.

“The Adaptec File Saver ESA1500 gives us a simple, cost-effective way to share, back up, and store security information for county employees,” states Ron Gawlik, a division maintenance supervisor. “Adaptec File Saver enabled us to set up an in-house network for our five databases and deploy a fail-safe system for automated data backups. What’s more, installation and setup was a snap — it took just five minutes.”

Adaptec File Saver delivers advanced RAID 5 data protection, and optional Adaptec RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes) technology provides appliance-level redundancy for superior fault tolerance.

Pricing for the Adaptec File Saver ESA1500 is $6,299.

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Paul Shread
Paul Shread
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