Top Data Backup Certifications in 2022

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Cloud storage, data backup, and backup-as-a-service (BaaS) are in high demand globally.

A storage engineer can earn an average of $111,000 annually and up to over $170,000, partly based on experience, skills, and certifications.

Here are 10 top certifications storage professionals can consider to advance their careers in the backup field:

1. Dell EMC Backup Recovery Solutions Specialist

Skills acquired: The Dell EMC Backup Recovery Solutions Specialist will have skills in EMC backup, data domain, recovery solutions, key usability, EMC architecture, Avamar, hands-on experience with NetWorker and its usability scenarios, ProtectPoint positioning, DPSearch features, data protection features, and advisor architecture.

Requirements: Hands-on experience with Dell’s EMC Backup Recovery Infrastructure Solutions is recommended but not necessary. Candidates can also take a practice test offered by Dell.

Duration: The exam lasts 90 mins and requires a passing score of 63% for successful certification.

Location: Pearson VUE conducts a proctored exam in an online mode.

Cost: $200

2. Linux System Engineer: Advanced Disk Systems and System Backup

Skills acquired: The Linux System Engineer certification will ensure candidates have an understanding of operating system (OS) installation, installing guest additions, creating partitions, backing up the partition table, managing LVM (logical volume management) volumes, replacing physical volume, creating LVM roll forward snapshots, repairing EXT file systems, EXT optimizations, system storage manager, mount file systems, ID or label, additional swap partitions, creating temporary swap files, auto-enabling swap partitions, system swappiness, creating RAID (redundant array of independent disks) arrays with MDRAID and DMRAID, LVM RAID 1, LVM RAID 5, backing up an EXT file system, and finding and compressing archive files.

Requirements: There are no requirements.

Duration: The certification exam is estimated to take two hours.

Location: The certification can be taken on LinkedIn.

Cost: $10 approximately or free with a LinkedIn Premium account

3. Uthena’s IT Backup Administrator

Skills acquired: Uthena’s IT Backup Administrator will gain hands-on experience with full, differential and incremental backups. Candidates will also learn about file level backups, block backups, and system drivers including DriverMax.

Requirements: There are no requirements.

Duration: The certification is self-paced; it can take hours or weeks depending on user availability.

Location: The certification can be taken via Uthena and Private Label Rights (PLR).

Cost: $35

4. Veeam Backup & Replication V11: Architecture and Design

Skills acquired: For the Veeam Backup & Recovery V11 certification, candidates will acquire practical experience with Veeam Backup & Replication software, best backup practices, reviewing existing infrastructure metrics, component quantity sizing, curating testing guidelines, logical groupings and data flow, understanding design challenges and discovery phase data, and physical hardware sizing.

Requirements: Six to 12 months of practical experience with Veeam suite is required. Once a candidate completes the course, they are eligible to take the Veeam Certified Architect exam.

Duration: The certification course lasts two days.

Location: Veeam has authorized education centers across the globe. Check your nearest center on Veeam’s official website.

Cost: $2,590

5. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Skills acquired: The Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup certification provides candidates with a quick introduction to Barracuda and its cloud backup solution, planning and preparing backup implementations, different methodologies behind data backup, and restoring and exporting data.

Requirements: Hands-on experience with data storage, networking, and recovery systems is preferred but not required.

Duration: The certification exam lasts 90 minutes with a two-year validity.

Location: The certification is available in self-paced and classroom formats.

Cost: Variable; depends on geography, previous purchases with the cloud provider, and discounts available on Barracuda’s partners program

6. Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service Technical Essentials

Skills acquired: The Alibaba Cloud Database Backup Service Technical Essentials will have candidates working on Ali Cloud, Ali product consoles, DBS (database service) functionality and operations, Apsara DB, POLARDB, ApsaraDB RDS for PPAS, Redis, and DTS (data transmission service).

Requirements: Four to six months of work experience on Ali Cloud is recommended but not mandatory.

Duration: The certification covers 80 minutes of training followed by a 30-minute exam.

Location: Candidates can find the certification on Alibaba’s official training and certification portal.

Cost: Free

7. Veritas Backup & Recovery Curriculum

Skills acquired: Veritas Backup & Recovery Curriculum candidates will gain an understanding of a Primary/Master server, media servers, NetBackup Administration Console, web UI (user interface), OpsCenter, security certificates, BasicDisk, storage unit groups, file system backup, manual backups, restore files using JavaScript, configure Media Server Duplication Pool (MSDP), optimize file system backups, protect virtual environments, work experience with VMware and Hyper-V, storage lifecycle policies (SLPs), NetBackup WORM protection, APTARE IT analytics, and troubleshooting NetBackup.

Requirements: Working knowledge of general network, storage, administration, Windows, and Linux is preferred.

Duration: The certification course lasts five days.

Location: The certification course is a virtual, instructor-led classroom program.

Cost: Around $2,940.25, depending on the type of course purchased

8. Storware Backup and Recovery Certification

Skills acquired: The Storware Backup and Recovery Certification will provide hands-on experience with Storware’s vProtect solution, backing up commercial virtual environments, multiple backup destinations, NFS (network file system) sharing, container environments, and database duplication.

Requirements: No prerequisites are mentioned.

Duration: The certification course lasts one day.

Location: The certification is a virtual, instructor-led course. For lab work, Storware offers virtualized labs for candidates to perform required demos.

Cost: TBA. The cost depends on upcoming class dates and registration process.

9. Oracle Database Backup and Recovery 

Skills acquired: Candidates with a certificate in Oracle Database Backup and Recovery will have an understanding of instance recovery; configuring backup and recovery infrastructures; configuring default backup destinations, demo and control files, redo file, and ARCHIVE LOG in the Oracle DB; size of the fast recovery area; and Recovery Manager (RMAN). Candidates will also learn different backup strategies and how to create a demo for a backup container or non-container database system, perform as a data recovery advisor, diagnose and repair database failure, perform complete recovery, and review Oracle Flashback Technology.

Requirements: There are no requirements.

Duration: The certification course lasts 14 hours 28 minutes.

Location: Candidates can access the certification via the Oracle Academy portal; Pearson VUE proctors the online exam.

Cost: $245

10. Microsoft Azure: Backup and Disaster Recovery

Skills acquired: The Microsoft Azure: Backup and Disaster Recovery certification provides candidates with an understanding of data corruption, malicious attacks, Windows and Linux, free utilities, local storage, cloud storage, backups of files and folders, virtual machines (VMs), Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Backup, Recovery Services, System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM), Backup Server, Azure Site Recovery (ASR), ASR protecting Hyper-V and Azure VMs, and configuring ASR.

Requirements: There are no requirements.

Duration: The certification lasts one hour.

Location: Candidates can access the certification through PluralSight, Udemy, or LinkedIn.

Cost: Depending on platform/instructor used

Avya Chaudhary
Avya Chaudhary
Avya Chaudhary is a contributor to Enterprise Storage Forum and Datamation. Previously she was an engineer with a history of experience working with NGOs and civil societies.

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