CNT and EMC Introduce New Data Replication Solution

CNT has announced that EMC has qualified it’s UltraNet Edge Storage Router for use with EMC’s MirrorView remote replication software. This new offering makes disaster recovery and business continuity solutions affordable enterprise-wide by leveraging new technologies from both CNT and EMC along with cost effective IP networks.

EMC MirrorView provides real-time mirroring of critical data between two or more CLARiiON FC4700 or CLARiiON CX600 networked storage systems. CNT’s UltraNet Edge Storage Router, the only storage networking platform that supports MirrorView software for EMC’s CLARiiON systems, extends MirrorView to allow reliable, proven data mirroring over longer distances across less expensive, readily available IP networks. CNT’s UltraNet Edge Storage Router’s intelligent, fault-tolerant architecture includes data compression to dramatically reduce the cost of bandwidth and patent pending technology to ensure data consistency. The combination delivers a new business continuity and disaster recovery solution with significantly lower total cost of ownership, enabling companies to protect more of their business critical data.

“Using MirrorView over IP, businesses of all sizes can leverage their existing IP network infrastructure to extend their storage networks cost- effectively, improve data protection and streamline network management,” said Mark Knittel, group vice president of worldwide product operations at CNT. “Companies have realized that they need to protect more of their data, more reliably. With this joint offering from CNT and EMC, we give them the ability to meet their business objectives-including remote data mirroring-in a way that’s highly affordable.”

Effron Enterprises, a company providing performance measurement, portfolio accounting systems and information solutions, needed a solution to protect its portfolio management system “Performer” from downtime and data loss. “Time and cost were the driving factors in our selection of Fibre Channel-based IP disk mirroring, and this solution was a perfect fit for our downtime and data recovery requirements,” stated Vincent Rossetti, Chief Technology Officer. “We chose MirrorView Fibre Channel over IP, with the CNT UltraNet Edge Storage Router, because it provides a reliable and robust business continuity solution, which exceeds the requirements of our short to medium term business model, providing scalability far beyond that.”

Chuck Hollis, EMC’s Vice President of Markets and Products said, “Utilizing existing IP networked infrastructures in conjunction with MirrorView software, customers can now realize secure, longer-haul remote replication of their CLARiiON-based information assets. Extending MirrorView software’s connectivity options to include IP provides increased data replication flexibility and eliminates a major barrier to success for our customers’ business continuity strategy.”

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