LSI Logic Makes Ultra320 SCSI HBAs Available

LSI Logic Corporation has made commercially available its full line of Ultra320 SCSI host bus adapters (HBAs).

“As we ramp to full production, existing server and workstation customers will quickly be able to take advantage of these next-generation HBAs and the robust performance gains now possible with Ultra320 SCSI technology,” said Bob Anderson, director for LSI Logic’s host bus adapter group. “With the reduced command overhead of QAS, packetized SCSI, and double the data rate of Ultra160, these boards will significantly improve system performance and provide a high level of fault tolerance using our optional Integrated Mirroring.”

Distribution partners such as Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Bell Micro products, and Insight Electronics will offer a full spectrum of Ultra320 SCSI storage market solutions. LSI Logic supplies ICs, HBAs, RAID storage adapters and bus expanders to the channel at competitive price points. The Ultra320 SCSI HBAs are the first board products to receive the SCSI Trade Association’s qualification for Ultra320 trademark and logo use.

The LSI Logic HBA product family includes two standard dual-channel boards, the LSI22320 and the LSI21320. The company said the LSI22320 is available with LSI Logic’s fault tolerant Integrated Mirroring option that provides system protection by mirroring the boot volume of the operating system and features separate internal and external channels to isolate high performance Ultra320 SCSI devices from slower legacy devices.

LSI Logic said the single-channel LSI20320 HBA is for entry-level and space-constrained servers, ideal for rack-mounted applications. The LSI22320C, a dual-channel CompactPCI board, extends Ultra320 SCSI performance to carrier-grade servers, and also features hot swap capability for high availability applications such as blade servers and telecom applications.

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