Networked Storage Book Worth Reading

Tired of learning about SANs, NAS devices, I-SCSI, and InfiniBand by reading disparate trade press technical articles bylined by a vendors product manager? Then grab for the new second edition of Marc Farleys definitive tome — Building Storage Networks (McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media). In fact, the Storage Networking Industry Association recommends Farleys book as a must-read for anyone considering designing and carrying out storage networks. Free of vendor references, Farleys clearly and concisely written and illustrated book ( explains everything from piecing together the I/O path to wiring storage networks and clusters with InfiniBand. As an independent consultant in the network storage industry, Farley, has no trouble telling you exactly what he thinks about storage trends and how to avoid any potential potholes in network storage roadmap.

By Elizabeth M. Ferrarini She is a free-lance writer from Boston, Massachusetts.

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