PAC Storage Adds to Line of Scale-out NAS Devices

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — PAC Storage (PAC) is adding to its scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) product line with a device for demanding requirements and applications in high-performance computing (HPC), media, entertainment, and big data. 

PAC released its All-Flash NVMe Scale Out NAS for high throughput and low-latency workloads, according to PAC, a maker of data storage hardware, in September. 

The device is built to optimize scalability and performance simultaneously by adding more nodes: Each node can be installed with 14 U.2 SSDs, bringing 4.1GB/s read and 3.1GB/s write per node throughput. 

The configuration is intended to avoid data loss and system downtime caused by disk damage or system failures.   

For users who prefer a mix of SSD and HDD, the auto-tiering function automatically allocates data — including hot data accessed in the SSD tier for speed and cold data accessed in the HDD tier. The function optimizes capacity usage to help save costs.  

PAC’s NAS hardware also features intelligent drive management and real-time SSD monitoring to predict the number of days left for usage: When an SSD is approaching its end of life, the system notifies users to replace the SSD. Using a set of smart algorithms, the system optimizes data to prolong the service life of the SSD, while preventing simultaneous damage of multiple SSDs.   

“PAC continues to bring new product technologies that are viable for our clients’ ever-changing application needs,” said Rick Crane, CEO, PAC.

Chris Ehrlich
Chris Ehrlich
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