Sony Unveils Three New AIT Libraries

Sony today introduced three new AIT libraries designed to provide automated and centralized data backup and recovery for entry to distributed and enterprise-level storage environments.

The newest members of the StorStation AIT library family, the LIB-302/A3, LIB-302/A2 and LIB-152E/A3 models, can enable as much as 30 days of hands-free unattended backup, and are capable of storing multiple terabytes of data. The libraries use Sony’s AIT-2 and AIT-3 technology for high capacity, high performance data protection.

“With this latest expansion to our StorStation line-up, Sony is fortifying its commitment to deliver reliable and cost-effective storage solutions for entry-to-enterprise data protection,” said Steve Baker, vice president of marketing of the storage solutions division of Sony Electronics’ Business Solutions and Systems Company. “Our AIT library solutions offer an easy step up for users who are looking to migrate from stand-alone DDS drives in a direct-attached storage and even further to network-attached storage environments with their first automated system that is scalable to grow with their needs.”

The new StorStation AIT libraries are designed for stand-alone or rack- mountable configuration and incorporate some of the most advanced and reliable robotics available. The new systems are compatible with nearly all major operating systems and with most major backup and storage management software.

Additionally, the new StorStation libraries are scalable from one to two drives to accommodate growth. The libraries allow users to increase performance by integrating an additional drive, or to increase capacities by integrating next-generation, higher-capacity drive models into the library.

The new StorStation Library Family Members include;

  • StorStation LIB-302/A3: To suit the robust needs of the enterprise, the LIB-302/A3 features 30 data cartridges, includes a barcode reader, and one AIT-3 drive (upgradeable to two). It boasts a capacity of up to 7.8 TBs, and a data transfer rate of 224GB per hour.
  • StorStation LIB-302/A2: Targeted at both midrange businesses and smaller enterprises, the LIB-302/A2 comes equipped with 30 data cartridges, includes a barcode reader, and one AIT-2 drive (upgradeable to two). It features a capacity of up to 3.9 TBs, and a data transfer rate of 112GB per hour.
  • StorStation LIB-152E/A3: Geared to the midrange client/server environment, the LIB-152E/A3 comes equipped with 15 data cartridges, one AIT-3 drive (upgradeable to two), and an option for a barcode reader. It features a capacity of up to 3.9 TBs, and a data transfer rate of 224 GB per hour.

Pricing for the StorStation LIB-152E/A3 will start at an estimated selling price of $7,750, and pricing for the StorStation LIB-302/A2 and LIB-302/A3 will start at estimated selling prices of $9,500 and $11,250, respectively. Each library comes with a complimentary version of NovaStor’s TapeCopy(TM) v2.0 Library Edition tape conversion and duplication software.

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