Fujitsu Softek Launches Standalone SRM Solution

Fujitsu Softek, a provider of storage management software, today announced Softek Storage Manager, a standalone enterprise storage resource management solution that it said centralizes and automates storage management in a multi-vendor environment from a single point of control.

The company said Softek Storage Manager software allows companies to pool management of disparate data and storage hardware types, including both open and mainframe systems, ensuring that both technology and IT staff resources are utilized efficiently for maximum return on investment.

In order to ensure that it delivered a solution that addressed enterprise needs, Fujitsu Softek said it conducted focus groups with 150 CIOs, IT managers and storage administrators from companies with at least 5 terabytes (TB) of storage and revenues of $100 million or more. The survey results indicated that these IT experts needed:

* One central console to view storage anywhere in the enterprise on any platform and report on that information;

* To automate manual, repetitive tasks to eliminate user errors and allow deployment of staff resources on more mission critical tasks;

* Complete platform and vendor interoperability and flexibility to deal with various media and storage types;

* The ability to allocate storage resources more efficiently;

* Capacity to move data within and among sites;

* To easily view storage resources in multiple ways;

* Improved reporting and the ability to forecast storage growth for capacity planning; and,

* Better overall system performance and faster data retrieval times.

Softek Storage Manager software is slated to ship in the second quarter, and will be available for Windows NT and Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, HP/UX, AIX and mainframe platforms OS/390 and Z/OS.

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