LiveVault Takes Online Backup And Recovery To Next Level

LiveVault has unveiled the next generation of MyLiveVault, its Web management portal for the LiveVault Online Backup and Recovery Service.

According to LiveVault, the product is the only web-based interface that enables users to completely control their online backup policies and schedules, restore jobs, network usage, and status monitoring. The new MyLiveVault enables businesses with multiple servers, in multiple locations, administered by multiple individuals, to implement online data backup and recovery with a single solution. Individual departments retain the flexibility and security to manage their own operations, further differentiating LiveVault from traditional tape-based backup methods, software products and other online backup offerings that require dispersed organizations to manage backup and recovery in a piecemeal fashion with no operational or security coordination.

LiveVault automatically and continuously backs up server data to a secure, off-site Iron Mountain facility, and makes it immediately available for recovery in the event of human error, virus, disaster or system failure. Key new MyLiveVault features include:

  • Responsibility delegation – Permission-based backup and recovery function management. Data protection can be managed by user-defined grouping (e.g., East Coast; West Coast; HR; Sales), permitting backup/restore rights that reflect organizational responsibilities.
  • Cross-server management – Managers can be granted access to additional servers based on their attributes. Users can be assigned specific rights to perform actions on specific servers, such as configuration, creating and editing policies, instantiate network and media restores.
  • Security – Added security options governing user rights and delegation; and password complexity, expiration and rule enforcement.

“The business and storage environments of the under-served mid-market are increasingly distributed geographically and managed distinctly. Traditional tape-based backup is incredibly ineffective for the critical data protection needs of these companies,” said Bob Cramer, president and CEO of LiveVault. “The new LiveVault capabilities give businesses a single, more dependable backup and recovery solution for all of their servers, while providing flexibility for multiple people to manage specific data protection functions.”

LiveVault already includes support for complex storage environments: storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS) and clustered servers. These technologies are increasingly prevalent in mid-sized companies as organizations consolidate servers and streamline operations.

LiveVault is enabled by its IP-based Virtual Backup & Recovery Network (VBN). The LiveVault VBN utilizes a range of technologies to securely and reliably transport data to an off-site vault located at an Iron Mountain facility.

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