NuView and Network Appliance Team to Deliver New Disaster Recovery Solution

NuView and Network Appliancetoday announced they have expanded their technology and marketing relationship to deliver an integrated disaster recovery solution focused on ensuring business continuance. The combination of NuView StorageX software, NetApp filers, and NetApp SnapMirror software will enable customers to have near-continuous access to data and multi-site failover in the event of a disaster.

Most disaster recovery solutions focus mainly on data protection and recovery and typically incur a significant amount of client downtime during a disaster event. According to NuView and Network Appliance, the combination of StorageX and NetApp SnapMirror is the only disaster recovery solution available that enables multi-site failover and provides near-continuous client access to data in the event of a disaster.

NuView CEO, Rahul Mehta, said, “With StorageX for Disaster Recovery, we’re helping change the way companies think about disaster recovery. We define a disaster as anytime a user is separated from his or her data. StorageX can provide clients virtually uninterrupted access to data in spite of a disaster. We’re happy to be working with Network Appliance to deliver an industry-transforming disaster recovery solution that ensures business continuance by focusing on increasing data availability for users.”

NetApp SnapMirror allows customers to set up a multi-site disaster recovery environment by replicating data in the primary data center to one or more backup data centers. In case of a disaster at the primary data center, StorageX for Disaster Recovery enables Windows customers to automatically fail over to the backup data center without losing client access to data. Clients who attempt to contact NetApp filers in the primary data center are transparently redirected to filers in the remote data center. No client reconfiguration or network rerouting is required. The elapsed time between failure and restored client access to files is seconds.

Ray Villeneuve, vice president of marketing at Network Appliance, said, “We are very pleased to be working with NuView to bring this innovative disaster recovery solution to our mutual customers. Using StorageX, NetApp filers, and NetApp SnapMirror to prepare for and manage disaster recovery is a very important and cost-effective step a company can take to increase data availability and ensure business continuance.”

Mehta said, “We are delighted to expand our relationship with Network Appliance, not only because they are one of the world’s leading storage providers, but also because our mutual customers will appreciate being able to achieve the benefits and cost savings of a disaster recovery solution that includes NetApp filers.”

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