PowerQuest Introduces New Backup and DR Solution

PowerQuest has announced the release of V2i Protector(TM), a disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Advanced servers. PowerQuest V2i Protector is supported by PowerQuest’s Storage Lifecycle Automation Management (SLAM) architecture.

According to the company, by leveraging it’s Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology, V2i Protector provides businesses a faster and broader level of server protection by creating a point-in-time backup image that can be used to restore a server that fails due to hardware, software or user error.

“Backup and recovery continue to be one of the top priorities for corporate IT departments,” says Stephen Elliot, Research Director of Storage Management and Services for Hurwitz Group. “Disasters can occur at any time, and more often than not, they are not catastrophic. But the cost of downtime easily outweighs the cost of establishing a quality backup and recovery process.”

PowerQuest V2i Protector simplifies and enhances server protection by creating compressed backup images of system and data server volumes — including operating system, server settings and preferences — that can be used to restore system or data volumes in minutes as opposed to hours using other backup methods. Traditional recovery methods often require that multiple removable media be analyzed to search for files. A complete restoration using these methods requires valuable time to find and change media, reload operating systems and reinstall necessary OS service packs. V2i Protector will be available in English at the end of September for an MSRP of $695.00 per server.

V2i Protector can store backup image files locally or remotely to SAN or NAS. In addition, it can mount backup image files for easy recovery of individual system and data files. This unique file browsing capability allows administrators to quickly verify the contents of a backup and perform operations such as virus scans before restoring files.

“PowerQuest V2i Protector should be an integral part of the server storage protection routine for companies of any size,” said Vern Shipp, a senior systems administrator for EDS Canada. “With PowerQuest V2i Protector, downtime can be drastically reduced in the event of a disaster recovery situation. It allows system administrators to better meet the stringent service levels demanded in today’s enterprise server support environment.”

V2i Protector takes advantage of high-speed disk technology combined with Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) to quickly create point-in-time images of volumes. These images are then centrally stored for use throughout the storage lifecycle. The product is independent of hardware, media or protocol, and plugs into Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to provide centralized management of backup and recovery operations.

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