Princeton Softech Integrates Active Archiving Solution with EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage

Princeton Softech today announced it has entered into a technology agreement with EMC Corporation to integrate Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions with the EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) platform. Anticipated to be available in Q4 2002, the integrated solution will allow companies to deploy an enterprise active archiving strategy with an intelligent storage solution designed specifically to manage fixed content, such as medical imaging files, critical business documents, digital images, graphic images, video, film and audio assets.

“EMC Centera is the first complete CAS solution and represents a significant advance in EMC’s storage technology,” notes Tom Heiser, EMC’s Vice President and General Manager of Content Addressed Storage. “Centera’s integration with Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions will allow companies to improve application and database performance and deliver content authenticity, seamless scalability, and fast access for managing fixed content.”

A broad range of industries face the challenge of managing large volumes of long-lasting, unchanging data called “fixed content.” Companies are required to retain this fixed content data for years and may be required to produce the information at a moment’s notice to support business requirements for audits and legal reasons or to comply with government regulations. Because of its long-term business value and because effective methods for managing fixed content data are limited, companies are retaining this data in production databases, degrading the performance and availability of critical enterprise applications. As database growth accelerates, companies need more cost-effective ways to store, manage and access critical fixed content information.

Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions are designed to remove infrequently accessed sets of related data from production databases, providing application performance and availability gains, while reducing hardware, support and maintenance costs. These enterprise solutions provide comprehensive archive, browse and restore capabilities to support complex relational databases and manage transactional data and fixed content data. Active archiving preserves the business context of the archived data, which can be stored, easily accessed and managed.

EMC Centera CAS is an innovative storage solution that meets the challenge of storing hundreds of terabytes of fixed content information online for easy access tomorrow or decades into the future. This unique storage solution determines the optimal physical location to store fixed content data including large objects, while providing superior reliability and online access. In addition, EMC Centera’s advanced content addressed storage technology enables companies to protect critical data assets and significantly reduce overall storage management costs.

“The agreement between Princeton Softech and EMC allows us to expand the value proposition of active archiving to our customers by giving them a more cost-effective solution for storing fixed content data and will create many new business opportunities for both companies,” comments Lisa Cash, President and CEO of Princeton Softech. “The EMC partnership validates the leadership position of active archiving and Princeton Softech’s Active Archive Solutions in the storage industry’s data management market segment.”

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