Storactive Inks Reseller Agreement With Bredy Network Management

Bredy Network Management Corporation (BNMC), a value-added reseller of storage and disaster recovery solutions in New England, has formed a strategic partnership with Storactive, a data protection. Together, the Companies plan to offer centralized management and continuous backup and protection for data on PC workstations and laptops.

“We have found that for-profit and non-profit organizations in the Boston area have a staggering amount of valuable data on their PC workstations and laptops which is unprotected and at risk,” said Eryck Bredy, president, BNMC. “We are pleased to include Storactive LiveBackup on our comprehensive list of strategic storage and disaster recovery solutions. It will give our customers a powerful return on investment as a solid defense against any type of PC data loss while minimizing or eliminating the costs for reconstructing lost user data or damage caused by viruses or disgruntled employees.”

The companies said Storactive LiveBackup is a client-server backup solution designed to back up and centralize distributed laptop and desktop data, restore data as recent as the last save, and defend against the consequences of virus attack. According to Storactive, LiveBackup delivers transparency in three ways: real-time technology delivers up-to-the-moment backup without intruding on the users; self-service restore capability lightens the IT burden; and redundancy elimination minimizes the impact on network performance.

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